May, 28, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Gingham and Sales

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Gang! The crew and I are having a wonderful weekend in Dallas visiting my bro & sis in law. Lots of good quality time together, fun in the sun, and solid eats...can't ask for much more! This little Gingham Number made its way into my suitcase because you really can't ask for a better poolside slash bbq slash Memorial Day frock...

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May, 25, 2017 Maternity, Style

Stripes, Sneaks, and Sales

Gang, we've got a R O B U S T agenda for today! With four ways to sport the sneaks, there's a bit o talk about. We'll kick it off with my love of the Sneak + Dress combo and round it out with some fantastic Memorial Day SALES that are already running full steam ahead. So I think it's safe to say I'm taking the sneak and dress route for this pregnancy...

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May, 16, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Fresh Stripes

Never one to deny my love of stripes, I simply couldn't resist snagging this (non maternity) off the shoulder beauty several weeks ago. It's a stripe combo that (shocker) I don't currently own so there you have my justification. B U T new striped combo aside, I'm loving that you can either...

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May, 12, 2017 Style

Blazers and Books

We're gonna get to this rig, specifically this darling Blazer here in a bit, but first...let's chat B O O K S. Specifically, Talbots Summer Book Club. Gang, I just L O V E this concept--so does my daughter, Chase, who has read more books than her dang mother...

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May, 11, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Loft Love

I believe, that once you find a good thing, 'tis important not to stray. Like Sneaks for instance. I love them. I know they work with my wardrobe. They're comfy. End of Story. Same goes for Stripes. They're a neutral. They're classic. They make up 50% of my wardrobe. And sometimes, if we're lucky enough...

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May, 2, 2017 Home, Style

Let’s Get Technical

You say the words "Tech" or "Home Automation" and I'm all, "Say Whaaaaaat?" That is, until I married John. Homeboy is T H E king of Home Automation. No, literally the guy would automate ME if he could. If there's a switch, he ain't havin' it...

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May, 1, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Pregnancy Plan

We're gonna quick touch base on this Embroidered Jacket which...wowza, gang....I'm in love with the details of this beauty. Not only would it be gorg over a gray slinky dress, but how cute with a Gray Striped Tee, Denim, and Sneaks? So here's how I ordered this...

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