July, 23, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Safer Skin

When I first got pregnant, my skin straight up revolted. "Haggard" is word that came to mind when I shot a glance in the mirror. Dry, blemishy, splotchy...the lines they were a showin'.....an overall sense of B L A H. I immediately went on a mad hunt for a skincare line that was not only effective, but safe for myself and Pip...

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July, 21, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Full Swing Sale

Shoppers rejoice!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and don't ya know, I've scooped up a few more fun finds that we must chat up! First and foremost...D R E S S E S. Now, gang, I've gotta tell ya...these two numbers from Nordstrom are not done justice on the hanger...AT ALL...

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July, 20, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Summer Fresh

Tops that will serve me both now and post babe are all the rage in my world currently. I spotted this STRIPED NUMBER when I snagged this LOOK and just knew she was coming home with me. Fantastic price point and can be paired with Denim, White Denim, or even a pair of high waisted shorts. But I have to say my favorite pairing is with these Turquoise Earrings...

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July, 15, 2017 Style

The Saturday Sales

Happy Saturday, Gang!! I've still got two lazy bones in bed (Johnny & Chaser), so I wanted to E D I T, per se, Thursday's Post and add some follow up items I think I'm going to pull the trigger on as well as what I snagged at the store...

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July, 13, 2017 Style

The Nordstrom Sale

Start your engines, Gang! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us and ready to shop for those who have the Card. And as I'm sure you've heard from the gaggle of gals that are going gaga for this bad boy, the good stuff goes Q U I C K L Y. So let's chat a plan of attack...

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July, 12, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Candy Coated

How can you not get all the girly feels with this Colorful Checked Number? When I spotted it at J.Crew last week, I alllllmost didn't try on thinking there's no way in H E L L it would fit over the bump, but alas...sized 'er up, hiked her up, tucked in the BEST TEE, and kids, we had a winner...

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July, 10, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Cheery Frock

Talk about a case of "Looks better IRL than online"...this (non maternity) DRESS is no doubt a current summer fave. I thought it was cute online for sure, but fell for it hard once I gave it a whirl. And here's the deal, gang, it's ON SALE...

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