Floral Stripes

This one coming to you from Lincoln Center shot just before heading to a day of meetings in NYC.  Forever a fan of print mixing, this pairing is one of my faves.  In my opinion, you simply can’t go wrong with FLORALS & STRIPES…you just kinda can’t.  
So sister was snowed in yesterday with the babes which meant sister blogged her little heart out.  Make sure you check out some more Print MixingSnow Day Sales, & a big thanks for the sweetest of words surrounding Our New Chapter…y’all are the best…truly.
Alright gang, I’ve got to get my hind up and go shovel a foot of snow so I can get my car off to Pure Barre.  We’re getting more powder tonight for the love of Pete so I’ve gotta get myself in gear!  Y’all make it a good one…stay warm!

photos courtesy of Lydia Hudgens

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