Eyelet Love You

Dress // Heels // Bag // Shades // Ring

Hands down, not yanking your chain, this Eyelet Dress has been one of my absolute fave purchases this season–and trust me, there’s been quite a few purchases (see Embellished, Tie Dye, and Ruffles).  Now, let me answer some questions I got on Instagram regarding the inability to wear a bra.  ‘Tis true, you’d be hard pressed to wear a bra unless you’re that urban cool gal that can pull off the see-thru-bra-look, which I am, without a doubt, not that gal.    Technically, when I first tried this on, you truly couldn’t see any nip.  But I know my luck well enough to know that it would only take one false move on my part and we’d be smack dab in the middle of  Nip Central.  No Thanks.  Don’t fret though, ladies, there is a solution!  You know those inserts that most Lulu Lemon tanks come with?  Well, I just snagged two of those babies (they’re like a nude, cloth cutlet–alterations ladies and Target has them, too) and popped a stitch in them and voila!  Literally took me under 5 mins!  I’ve found that has been my go to trick for those braless dresses we’ve seen this summer—the easiest DIY.

Braless boobs aside, you truly cannot go wrong with this Dress for the summer—cannot wait to pair her with some Pink Sneaks.  And speaking of kicks, can we please discuss these Fringe Heels?  You all, I wore these to the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival, and the compliments were flowin’ almost as much as the wine was.  They’re legit for sure!  Sold on this summer look yet?  It’s a goodin’ I can promise you that!

Alright, gang, cheers to your weekend.  I am going to attempt to seriously purge the closet today.  If you follow me on snapchat (seersuckarsaddl), then you know I’ve been yip yapping about a capsule collection so I’m hoping I can bring a more streamlined, cohesive wardrobe to life.  Wish. Me. Luck.  I’m suspect.

photos courtesy of Stacy Able

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