Red Loves Pink

Dress // Clutch ON SALE // Heels LOVE THSE PINKS // Shades // Ring

So this RED DRESS is one of John’s faves in my closet—and rightfully so…this lovely is pretty great if I do say so myself.  First the color is that perfect tomato shade….but better than the hue is the fun pleated(ish) hem—it’s asymmetrical yet somehow still manages to be classic.  I’ve worn it twice now in the short time I’ve owned it and gotten quite a few compliments.  And you wouldn’t think you could color play with red, but I love to do a vibrant on vibrant mix.  Take this Hot Pink Clutch, it’s pretty dang loud, but it manages to pair perfectly with the red.  And, gang, shame on me for posting these shoes when they have super limited availability, but keep an eye out and maybe they’ll be restocked!

Alright, gang, here’s to hoping you all have a fab Thursday and STAY TUNED, we’ve got open access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starting TOMORROW!  I’ll do another little roundup for us…until then, make it a great one!

photos courtesy of Meagan Gilbert

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