The Mini Moon

Teal Bikini // White One Piece // Cage One Piece // Pink Shades // Tunic // Fedora // Cutout Suit

Sun, Sand, Sails, and my Sweetheart—no better formula for a mini moon getaway with my Husband!  Now, I grew up going to the Florida Keys as a kid, but I had never visited the Cheeca Lodge & Spa and I have to say, gang, it did N O T disappoint.  Not. At. All.

Maybe it was the lush tropics, the lovely room (and tub) that overlooked the Atlantic, the white sand beach (with cabana service), the paddle boarding, a gorgeous Sunset Cruise, or the luxury spa that won me over.  Or maybe, just maybe, it was that from the moment we arrived and were greeted with some bubbly, I was truly able to soak in the fact that I was in this amazingly beautiful and relaxing place with….my husband.

As the pictures would suggest, we more or less lived in our Bathing Suits…which if you know us, then you know this is our kind of getaway.  If you’ve never been to the Keys, specifically Islamorada (Hello, Bloodline!–our fave), then let me just tell you–this place exudes relaxation.  But not in a snoozefest kinda way, but rather, wear your flip flops and bathing suits 24/7 and enjoy the hell outta yourself kinda way.  There’s this unspoken vibe about the Keys…it makes me extremely happy and reminds me of my childhood…it’s just good livin’.  Given we only had a few days post nuptials as Johnny had to get back to Indy, the Cheeca allowed us to experience all of Islamorada’s laid back charm in a lush tropical setting.  Grabbing a pair of bikes and touring the town was part of our morning ritual as was enjoying a spa amenity and lunch poolside.  But nothing could beat lounging on the beach, pina colada in hand, handsome chap to my left, with the turquoise ocean as our backdrop…happy gal indeed.

If y’all are planning on making a trip to the Keys, I HIGHLY recommend the Cheeca Lodge–truly, gang.  The beautiful beach, the spa, the location, the friendliest staff, the OCEAN, the Eats (to die for sushi), the endless activities (paddle boarding, fishing charters, snorkeling)…it’s truly Old Florida at it’s finest.  And it’s truly a getaway we will forever remember….and revisit!

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  1. I stayed at the Cheeca Lodge last fall and LOVED it! Where is your short sleeved pink shirt with the tassels from? It’s so cute!