Go for Bow

Bow Blouse // Similar Denim // Bow Heels, sold out dangit // Clutch // Shades // Ring

Goodness, gang, can I just say a big T H A N K Y O U for all the Wedding Love?!  So so very sweet and I’m so happy and thankful y’all have been along for the ride!  Now that we’ve crossed the nuptials off the list—next up–Building our HOUSE–Hells Bells let’s buckle up!  I’m trying to wrap my brain around the best way to take y’all along with me through the process–it’s not like pics of a damn construction site is aesthetically pleasing so most of the shenanigans will probs occur on Snapchat (@seersuckersaddl).  Stay tuned……

But onto more exciting things….this Bow Blouse from Shop Buru.  So here’s what I’m digging.  First off, s + s readers can get 15% off with code S&S15 so there’s that fun little tidbit.  But more importantly, this is one of those looks that is dramatic but in a fun, feminine, and functional way.  And I know we’ve got a lot of moms in the house so function is K E Y.  And therein lies one of the main reasons I love BURU, specifically the new White Label–it’s mission is to #elevateyourmomstyle but do so in a way that fits our lifestyles.  Be it preggers, breast feeding, running to an exec meeting after dropping the babes off at school—BURU has us moms covered.  In style.  In functional style.  In affordably functional style.  Hells, what’s not to love about that?  And what’s not to love about pairing the Bows with Leopard—is there any better combo?  Negative, gang.

Alright, y’all, we’ve got the bunnies back into school so bedtime is approaching.  Cheers to a fab Thursday evening and an even better W E E K E N D!  Make it a great one!

photos courtesy of Stacy Able

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