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Oh goodness, gang, this is no doubt my favorite post to compose thus far: Our Day.  She’s gonna be a detailed one, but I’ll try to keep you engaged…….

Intimate, quaint, cozy, low key–this was the vibe I was going for on our day (read:  flip flops, linen shorts, and a food truck).  We knew we wanted small (under 40 peeps)–we knew we wanted relaxed.  We knew we wanted personalized.  There was no need for the pomp and circumstance–traditional we are N O T.   I just wanted it to feel like ‘us.’  We tossed around the ideas of Sonoma which was our first trip together or even a ranch out West, but they all led to a production which was the complete opposite of what we wanted our day to be.  Then Johnny called me one day after he sensed I was getting a smidge stressed and said, “Why don’t we have it in your parent’s backyard in Jupiter?”  How in the hell I hadn’t thought of this was beyond me; it was such a no brainer.  The house I grew up in.  The hometown that I will forever love.  The dock where I ate countless dinners and fished for catfish as a kid.  The home where the girls have grown to love as much as I do.  It was an obvious choice.  And so from that moment on, it was all about showcasing my hometown in all its waterfront glory, and having our guests experience all there is to love about Jupiter.

Our day couldn’t have been more magical had a damn magician himself orchestrated the whole thing.  I mean from start to finish, everyone was just……Happy.  The happiness was so palpable.  It was emotional, too, but in the most beautiful way. The weather was perfection (albeit a smidge hot–scratch that, it was so damn humid) and the palm trees were a blowin’ in the breeze just as they’re supposed to.  We danced and chatted and laughed and ate and drank until the wee hours of the morning (sorry mom)…which is EXACTLY how I dreamed the evening would be.  And I knew I would be over the moon giddy marrying John, but saying our vows was truly one of THE moments of my life.

But before we discuss how Jenn and I stole the girls’ flower crowns and were completely inappropriate with the pineapples, how I completely forgot to carry my bouquet down the aisle, and my Dad, per usual, won crowd favorite, let’s discuss our day’s ceremony itself, shall we?

I was cool as a cucumber all day—until I wasn’t.  Which was probably about 15 mins before showtime.  The guests were arriving, the backyard looked precious and picturesque with its pineapples, hibiscus, black and white vibe going on–oh and that A R B O R (you outdid yourself, Carla)— and I had just finished reading the most beautiful note from John.  Leave it to him to get me all emotional, yet again, prior to the ceremony.  Nothing that a “Chappo on THREE,” with Jenn and the bunnies couldn’t cure (see image above).  Which don’t get me started on how ridiculously presh and sweet the girls were on our day–they simply shined.  Stole the show in my opinion which is quite alright by me!  And then as soon as the nerves were at an all time high, they just—vanished.  I saw John and the girls standing on the dock as my dad walked me down the pebble stone aisle and everything—truly everything—was perfect in my world.  He looked more handsome and precious in that moment than I can ever remember.

My brother officiated the wedding which also calmed the nerves.  Probably because he was a dang ball of nerves himself!  He fumbled, we laughed, I told him to “get a hold of yourself man,” we laughed again—it was the best.  No one else I’d rather have marry us than that fella—salt of the earth.  You done good, Jarrod.  There were tears shed throughout for sure as we said our vows (um, I’ll spare you those pics of me #uglycry) and when Johnny gave each of the gals a gift of their own, but the waterworks came full force when Miss Chase asked for everyone’s attention as she wanted to say something as well.  She turned to us and then to the crowd and told everyone how she’s never seen me happier and that we all love John so very much and, “Thank you, Johnny, for making my mom so happy.”  She capped off the best 10 minutes of my life right there.  And while I couldn’t see the kids’ faces because they were standing behind me, the pictures–oh my goodness, the looks on their faces in these shots are simply priceless and capture the essence of this evening–joy.

After we were pronounced the Chappo’s–the four of us dipped over to the Point with our phenomenal Photographer–love you to bits, Steven–for a brief little photo sesh!  The backdrop for the family images hold many many childhood memories for me.  It’s quite sentimental as it’s where my siblings and all the neighborhood kids would sneak to while the folks weren’t paying attention.   This is also the river where we went boating, hydro sliding, and water skiing most weekends.  So needless to say, having the four of us on that seawall eating conch fritters, snapping pics, and enjoying a quiet moment with just us was pretty damn spectacular.

Alas, there was no better time to kick off the  Heels (which I most def snagged after I saw the Duchess sporting them), swap my Dress for this easy breezy Frock (both ordered online—told ya I went low maintenance), and devour some Crab Cake Sliders, Truffle Fries, and a heaping glass(es) of Prosecco with my fave people on earth and my husband!  It was one of those nights you didn’t want to end.  Our families, dearest friends from childhood thru college and beyond, and kiddies under the stars celebrating….goodness, it was one for the books, gang, I’m telling’ ya!   As cliche as it sounds, it really was everything I had imagined—and more.  Not one single thing I would change.  Except, of course, if we could do it all over again.

Let me quickly talk shop and give thanks to those who made this day come to life and keep my ass sane!  The Kelly and Chappo Families no doubt….Especially my parents and sis who did so very much behind the scenes prepping, along with my best gal, Jenny (she put the Gold Pineapple idea in my head).  Carla from the Event Group –you nailed it sweets.  Steven Martine and Molly from Martine Studios –I mean, talk about fast friends.  Gina Simone–I mean, talk about a dang genius with hair and makeup–and just sweet beyond measure!  Betsy from the Jupiter Beach Resort–the guests LOVED their stay and the beach was magnificent.  Curbside Gourmet for having the most darling food truck and delish eats in town.   Moyer Jewelers for helping us pick the perfect treat for the bunnies.  And the crowd favorite, the Personalized Boat Bag & Goodies,  Saddlestitches Monogram, GiGi New York, Sole Society, and Pomegranate Inc–y’all outdid yourselves!  The perfect elements of elegance and adorable quirk thanks to Wedding Paper Divas and Tiny Prints.  And Last but most definitely not Least, Johnny—you, my dear, gave me the most magnificent day ever–you were the true gift…the fabulous party and celebration were just the icing, love.  Cheers to our sweet family and to living a beautiful and blessed life—together.  I love you to the moon.

photos courtesy of Steven Martine

Dress // Dress //  Little Ladies // Johnny


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  1. hi beth! congrats – you looked stunning as did everyone!
    was hoping you could let me know who makes your shoes

  2. What an absolutely beautiful event! you and your family and friends look so happy. You wedding dress was stunning, and so perfectly you!!! Congratulations to you and yours.

    1. Oh Karen thank you so much dear!! So glad you enjoyed the pics—it was indeed a day I will never forget! xx–b

  3. I have been following your blog for years and I am so happy for you. The wedding was gorgeous but more importantly is how happy your girls look in every picture. Their dresses were perfection. You were stunning as usual. Congratulations on your “new” family.

    1. Oh Traci, thank you so very much for your kind words. Their precious faces and smiles were something I will never forget–my heart was so full!! Thank you for following along on our journey—next up—a house build!! Buckle up! xx–b

  4. So so incredibly happy for you and the girls!! My Mom re-married when I was about 8 (my ‘step-father’ later legally adopted me, so he’s just DAD), but it’s a memory I still vividly remember to this day. It was magical to see my Mom so happy on that day, and witness the love they had for other another. So happy you found your person 🙂 This was a beautiful post to read through – so well written and made me feel like I was there! Smellin’ that FL air, feelin’ the breeze and all. Wishing you nothing but joy + continued happiness!!

    Kristin of Living In Color Print

    1. Awe Kristin—thank you so much sweets–best day ever!! Like you, I hope they will always remember the immense amounts of love felt and flowing throughout that day—this comment made me very happy to read! But you missed one crucial part–the humidity…for the love of God, I forgot how damn humid it gets down there!!! I just accepted my face was going to look a little extra “dewy.” Big hugs to you dear….maybe we can snag a drink at NYFW! xx–b