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Before we chat up the amazing new prints we received from Minted, let’s get y’all up to speed on where we all began with this condo.  This condo that took OVER a year to renovate.  Yes, you read that right–sucker probably will have taken longer than our new house will.  I hope.  Lord, I hope.

This one bedroom in downtown Indy was Johnny’s long before I came into the picture.  As a matter of fact, he was in the premature planning stages to renovate the joint right when we met.  Was going to be his updated, sleek bachelor pad.  Until, that is, myself and the bunnies came into the picture.  Poor bachelor pad didn’t stand a chance…..

You know in the moment while we were renovating, it was your stereotypical scenario.  Some ups, downs, mistakes, prolonged waiting periods…like, very prolonged #patienceisavirtue.  But now we have our fun little staycation pad only 15 mins from our house.  Our place we can jet to on date night and enjoy downtown.  The perfect spot for family and friends to visit.  And the BEST place to entertain…we can both confidently say it was worth the wait.  And I think it prepared us for building our home.  We learned quite a bit during this process and are so so pleased with the results.  So much so, we’re bringing our same designer from this project, Ashley Bedwell from Rowland Design, with us on our house build.  Girl is ON POINT.  Her work ethic and taste level is like none other.  And she knows us and reads our style like a boss.

Ok, so now that you’ve got a little background, let’s discuss this ARTWORK from Minted–we are just SO pleased with the end result!  The condo was a complete blank canvas and we knew we wanted to add more touches of modern with a splash of quirk and color.  Enter the fabulously fresh and unique pieces of art from Minted.  The selection of art is plentiful (and if you don’t see something that speaks to you, you can Commission an Original Piece) which is a wonderful thing, but John and I almost liked TOO much.  We needed some help–someone to help us curate the selections we were eyeing.  Thankfully we enlisted the help of Minted’s Personal Art Styling Service …gang, this was SO worth it.  Our stylist (hey there, Khariza) was with us from start to finish and was just beyond helpful and knowledgable!!  We probably went back and forth no less than six times (hello, Type A Johnny), and she absolutely “got” the vibe we were going for…cannot that her enough!  Complete with multiple renderings and “How To” hanging instructions, there was no detail left unfinished.  It goes without saying we will definitely utilize Minted with our new home!

Alright, gang, I hope you enjoyed this more personalized post.  I have to say, they’re some of my favorites to compose, and I just loved having John in the mix.  We may have to do this again sometime soon, yes?  Y’all have a wonderful evening and an even better rest of the week!  Make it a great one!  Oh and PS:  can anyone spot our faux pas in the last picture of us?  Hint:  Johnny’s Jimmy Johns, hells bells.

photos courtesy of Meagan Gilbert

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  1. Love the dress on you. I am 5’6″, and wear a 6 or 8 in a dress. Trying to figure out how the sizing on this dress works. Does it run large? The fit on you is perfect!

    1. Yes!! It def runs large—I bet you could do a small (I’m in a SM) because it definitely gives!! and is belted so you can cinch, too!


  2. wow the new look of the blog looks great!! Cant wait to redo mine. Also the apartment looks great. YOU look so happy and that makes me so happy for you.

    Lindsay | sell eat love