The House Plans

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Get ready, gang, because (hopefully) within the next year, we’ll have many more HOUSE posts coming your way.  As we F I N A L L Y brace ourselves to break ground, I wanted to share some of our preliminary design picks for our Modern Farmhouse.  This is the fun stuff.  The stuff I could spend hours on.  We’re very lucky because Johnny and I have similar tastes and tend to agree on most of the design aspects of the home.  He knows a roomy closet is an absolute non negotiable–duh.  I know to leave the basement to him.  His man cave.  His…..wait for it…Brew Room.  Don’t tell him, but I actually think it’s pretty damn cool and am super stoked about it.  Ask me if I feel the same way once our basement reeks of cerveza……

Brew Rooms and Closets aside, there are sooooo many details as I’m sure y’all know.  So many choices.  So many fixtures, finishes, and fabrics.  And damnit, wouldn’t you know we like A L O T.  There was no doubt in our minds that we needed to enlist our design guru, Ashley Bedwell from Rowland Design, to rein us in and ensure our home has a cohesive feel.  You may remember Ashley’s work from our Condo Post…obviously we loved her work so much with the condo, we wanted to bring her on for round two!  Now Johnny is definitely the more modern of us two.  I, on the other hand, told Ashley, our very talented Builders and Architect Josh Parlos, if we could create a Farmhouse meets Coastal Love Child, I’ll be the happiest gal come move in day.  Y’all know I needed those Kentucky slash Florida feels.  I remember during our first meeting I said, “I’d love windows, tons of (black) windows.  Lots of white, but cozy white not stark.  And the ability to have as much outdoor living as possible.”  Lucky for us,  Ashley, Josh, and Christopher Scott Homes read us like a dang book and delivered a design plan that is the perfect blend of our tastes–modern, fresh, cozy, airy with a touch of eclectic (read:  my office–oh we’re gonna have fun in there, gang)!

Hopefully this little teaser has wet your palette enough that y’all will come along for the home build ride.  I’ve tried to wrap my brain around the best way to share the process—clearly a construction site ain’t all that sexy, so Snaps will probably be my main platform (@seersuckersaddl).  But you’d better believe as we progress, I’ll toss some more posts up on the blog!  Do tell if there’s specifics y’all would like to see–this is such an exciting time for the four of us so it’s great fun to share it with you all!  Alright, gang, thanks for stopping by…hope y’all have a wonderful start to your week.  Cheers to a productive Monday!

photos courtesy of Meagan Gilbert

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  1. Love!! So excited that you are going to be doing these posts!! I would love to see more in detail the kitchen and bathroom designs and the maybe a fabric post!! Love the way things are looking! Best of luck through the process!

    1. Thanks, Caroline!! I will def do my best to gotcha some good Kitchen/Bathroom/Textile posts! Should be breaking ground any day now so fingers crossed! xx–b

  2. I enjoyed your post about your new construction. I live in Florida in an area damaged by Hurricane Matthew. All the floors in our house will need to be removed and replaced. I really like your hardwood flooring choice shown with your samples.
    Do you mind sharing the manufacturer, style and color?
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Lynn…..oh I’m so very sorry to hear this. Where do you live in Florida? I grew up in Jupiter and Matthew J U S T missed my parent’s home. I’m glad you like the floors—they’re one of our fave aspects of the home. I’ve got my husband on the hunt for the name/manufacturer and I’ll let you know!


      1. I appreciate you and your husband’s help with this. I am thankful your parent’s home in Jupiter was protected.

        Our area damaged by Matthew is along the Northeast Florida coast…Vilano Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach.

        Your willingness to do this would lessen the research time and would be so helpful.

        Thank you.