The Burgundy Lace

Dress ON SALE // Heels Similar // Ring

Can we just pause for a moment, gang?  Because not only is this dress the one to beat, but hold the phones, she’s also ON SALE!!  As is just about my entire wishlist which is why we’re going to chat up this frock, but all kinds of other pre holiday SALE goodness, too!  I wore this beauty to John’s Work Gala and she did not disappoint…I’ll def be sporting her for another Holiday Soiree this season.

In addition to the dress, can we chat up how I snagged a handful of other beauties during the Shopbop Sale?  Gang, this is a goodin’ indeed!  En route to my crib is this gorgeous MIDI LACE, this WHITE BLOUSE, and this BLACK BLOUSE–notice a trend?  I’m also eyeing this FRINGE SWEATER and this LAYERED SWEATER.  So here’s the deal with Holiday Shopping…while, yes, of course I’m shopping for the bunnies and hubs, you can’t deny it is the PERFECT time to stock up on lovelies for yourself.  Case in point…I HIGHLY recommend snagging these Lace Beauties….I own all three shades and I L O V E them!  I’m going to link my latest lovelies below as well as my wish list items below.  I think it’s safe to say I need to have the kids and/or Johnny hide my computer STAT before I put us in the poorhouse!

Alright, gang, here’s to hoping y’all have the loveliest of Holidays filled with delish eats, family fun, and a boatload of relaxation!  Gang, I am beyond thankful for Y O U.  Truly, y’all, I appreciate you allowing me to do what I love more than you know….make it a wonderful one!

Photos Courtesy of Meagan Gilbert 

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