Seersucker + Soiree

Dress // Heels // Ring // Shades // Makeup

They say a smile is the prettiest thing a gal can wear, and after meeting these beaming beauties this past Saturday, I’d have to say I indeed agree!  When I began planning my first little seersucker + soirée, I had it perfectly envisioned in my head.  There’s quite the blogger crowd in our lovely city of Indy; however, the majority of us had yet to meet.  Well that just didn’t sit right with me as I’m a firm believer that us gals gotta stick together, brainstorm together, laugh together, and most importantly S U P P O R T together!

Enter the first annual #IndyBrunchandBubbles!  My goal was to bring us lovelies together in the cutest and tastiest of joints (hey hey The Gallery Pastry Shop) and get to know one another on a less superficial level (eh, ehem Instagram)….you know, a little about our kiddos, hubbies, where we’re from, our jobs outside of blogging…our roots.  And do so while supporting a City we all hold near and dear to our hearts…..and while sipping on some bubbly…duh.  And eating macaroons….a boatload of macaroons.  And taking selfies.  And annoy the hell outta the patrons at the restaurant while taking selfies.  And, most importantly, talk about Nick and Corinne.  #HotDamnItsMonday

Was my Seersucker + Soiree a success?  Hells Bells I wanna host another one this weekend it was such a fabulous time!   I mean how could it not be a slam dunk when you’ve got Visit Indy backing your brunching game,  Lady Bird Shopette adorning your tables with her stunning florals…I mean, gang, book this gal stat…..Manayunk Calligraphy and her P E R F E C T L Y personalized champagne flutes, Swag for Days (read:  815 Indy Cashmere Wraps, Shred 415 memberships, Facials from The Beauty Lounge, Lacey goodness from The Thong Tribe, Microblading from Meagan Havlik, Lipsense from Made Over Lips)…topped off with the most genuine bunch of babes as your brunch mates and well…need I say more??  ‘Twas good, gang, very good.

An enormous Thank You to the businesses above for making the first annual s e e r s u c k e r + s o i r é e such a success.  And Stacy Able…kiddo, your images captured the morning beautifully and I thank you.  And last but certainly not least to all of the lovelies who attended below.  It’s gals like you that truly make Indy so dang fantastic!  Make it a great one, gang….enjoy your evening!

Mandy Odle

Karina Reske

Sarah Knuth

Hollie Woodward

Hilary Gutzwiller

Kathleen Post

Erica Walker

Abby Foster

Photos Courtesy of Stacy Able

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