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Vest ON SALE // Sports Bra // Leggings // Sneaks // Shades

We’re gonna chat up a few different topics today regarding my fitness bootcamp.  First up, the GEAR.  What I’ve found after doing my beloved little Bootcamp for almost 5 months now…I’ve got a few essentials I can’t workout without.  After we chat up the gear, we’re going to hear from Y O U all!!  That’s right, gang!  With so many of us s + s readers hopping on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss fitness bootcamp bandwagon and having AMAZING success stories, I thought…well hells we’ve gotta share this goodness!

Ok, so first up…we’ve gotta get ourselves some solid Workout Leggings, and gang, when I say the Align Pant from LuluLemon is a G A M E changer, I ain’t fibbing.  The price tag is indeed hefty, but man all mighty y’all, these babies are ridiculously good!  Like you feel naked but they still keep you all tucked in nice and good.  And here’s my theory on splurging on fitness clothing, like a designer pair of denim, you’ll wear them a TON.  Truth be told, I still have some of my original Lululemon pants that I bought almost 8 years ago!!  Clearly I’ve gotten my return on my investment(s).  To that same end, getcha some good Sports Bras….digging this one majorly!

I’m going to leave your running shoe of choice up to you, because our tootsies are all different and honestly, I’m not an expert.  I get what looks good and feels right…on my pigs.  These Neon Babes are on my radar next.  So fun!  Ok, but here’s what I will HIGHLY suggest…good jams.  The louder the jams, the harder I work out..weird but true.  I’ve always been an avid lover of music, but when I work out….hardcore hip hop and rap is what get’s the job done for me.  ‘Tis true, kiddies.  With that in mind, y’all…you need to invest in GOOD-let’s not slip outta our ears-WIRELESS HEADPHONES.  Trust me on this one, gang, I’ve tried the buds, I’ve tried other wireless that weren’t as expensive only to waste my money and eventually purchase the Powerbeats.  They’re so damn good and L O U D which I love and they don’t S L I P which I love even more.

Finally, I’m going to chat up my ‘supplements’ or extra add ons to my fitness bootcamp if you will.  My BCAA’s which I drink pre and post workout are fan-friggin-tastic….I love the taste of these and they’re indeed getting the job done.  My protein shake….I’ve switched it up a few times but THIS ONE seems to be a keeper and pairs perfectly with a frozen banana and scoop of PB.  I also add THESE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES to my smoothies and afternoon teas to give my protein intake a little boost!  Lastly, I add on these Bands to the end of my workouts because as I’ve mentioned, I’m hoping to build that hind back up…I lost quite a bit of fat the first two rounds of which the majority must’ve been housed in my arse!  I want my humps back so these babies are helping to get the job done!  If y’all want to hear my FB LIVE replay from last week where I answered your most FAQ’s..take a gander HERE!

Now, onto the REALLY good stuff….FASTer Way to Fat Loss Fitness Bootcamp Testimonials!  We all know my testimonial (see THIS POST and THIS ONE).  Here’s the quick and dirty….I’m more energized, leaner, stronger, happier, more rested, better educated on how to fuel the bod, simply put…my most OPTIMAL self.   But here is my favorite part…here is what YOU ALL are saying.  So many of us have gone on this journey together….I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again….as rewarding as my results have been….seeing y’all SUCCEED and reach your GOALS has been equally, if not more, rewarding!  See what our fellow moms, working gals, sisters, aunts, and just all around amazing  boot campers have said about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss below.  Gals, if you’d like to join me in this fitness bootcamp, the next rounds are either Feb 13 or Feb 27, I know for certain both Amanda and myself would be thrilled to have you–Registration is HERE!

“I am currently in my 2nd round of Amanda Tress’ FASTer Way to Fat Loss program and I am absolutely in love with the program!  My first round results were amazing!  I was down 9.8lbs and a total of 8”.  I had been “trying to lose at least 5lbs” for a few years.  I had tried several different diet strategies and exercise programs, worked with personal trainers, exercised myself to exhaustion and injury and still found myself only gaining more weight.  I found this program on a Seersucker and Saddles IG post, got the details from Beth and signed up immediately.  I am 51 years old, and can honestly say, I feel and look the best I have in several YEARS!  I have already signed up for my 3rd round and will most likely become a “lifer”.  You eat the foods you enjoy, spend less time in the gym and get to meet a great group of women for support.  This program is a game changer so stop thinking about it and give it a go!”  –Shelly

“I’ve been busting my buns at the gym with a personal trainer for over a year, tried calorie counting and the whole nine yards.  This is the FIRST time I’ve enjoyed the process of becoming healthier.  I’m spending my nights in more restful sleep, I have had an incredible boost of energy, and I still get to treat myself to a cocktail and treat myself when appropriate.  A N D…..I’M DOWN A JEAN SIZE!”  –Sarah

“Thank you, Beth,  for introducing me to Amanda.  I’m in my 5th week of my first round and absolutely LOVE it! And her! I’ve always been quite active and a pretty good eater but never saw big changes in how I feel and look, which at time has been frustrating. Intermittent Fasting with Amanda’s workout combinations have changed me both mentally and physically. Even though I’m only 5 weeks into it, this has easily become my new lifestyle. I’m signed up for a second round and can’t wait! WOOHOO!!” –Renee

“Intermittent Fasting has single handedly changed my body composition. I live a life in healthy eating and lifestyle of health; nutrition was never my issue, nor exercise. The biggest get for me was learning about “IF” and the combo of proper workouts in conjunction w Intermittent Fasting.”  –Amy

“My fitness level has significantly increased throughout this program–I’m on my third round!   I’m leaner, stronger and significantly more energized which was a goal of mine as I’ll be turning 40 next year!   Probably the most amazing change; however, has been the disappearance of my chronic heartburn.  I previously experienced 2-3 times per week and since starting the FASTER Way to Fat Loss, I have only had heartburn ONCE since starting my first round in September!”   —Mickey

And the list of amazing ladies could go on and on….but I’ll leave you with this little batch, gang!  Until next time…make it a great one!

Photos Courtesy of Meagan Gilbert 

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