FASTer Way to Fat Loss: The Fitness Bootcamp Journey


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Seeing that this is the last day of my third FASTer Way to Fat Loss Bootcamp, why not take a trip down Fitness Bootcamp Memory Lane and walk through my journey with y’all?  It’s funny, fashion is obviously the focus of this site; however, one thing is for certain, gang……y’all love yourself some fitness bootcamp talk!  This bootcamp has proven to be one of my most asked about subjects here on s + s.  Which makes sense, right, as I suppose all of us gals are searching for that program, that workout, that nutrition plan, that LIFESTYLE that will FINALLY be the answer to our frustrating fitness prayers.  Where we no longer spin our wheels, over work out, under eat, watch the scale…..we just want to be our best selves.  We just want to FEEL good.  FEEL confident.  FEEL energized.  Well, kiddies, the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Fitness Bootcamp is gonna get us there.  I promise you.  It got me there.  It’s gotten tons of my gals pals there.  It’s gotten a boatload of YOU there.  And it continues to be the program my life can’t live without…sounds dramatic, but ’tis true, gang.  I’m so hooked on what has now become a lifestyle that I just feel the need to share the wealth with y’all.

I’ll give you the Cliff Notes, but basically after several months of busting my hump at various workout classes…intense workout classes…and counting my calories, I just wasn’t seeing the results I knew I could achieve.  It was as though my body was plateauing.  I was sweating my hind off, slaving away at the gym, investing so much dang time, and yes I felt decent, but I didn’t feel G R E A T.  And so, when my gal pal, Kristin Tatem, told me she was doing this FASTer Way to Fat Loss Fitness BOOTCAMP, I thought….well, Hells Bells…what do I have to lose?

What I had to lose was pounds and inches.  Which was amazing don’t get me wrong.  But what I gained from this fitness bootcamp far outweighed the pounds I lost.  I gained a new found perspective on how to fuel my body.  Properly.  I gained a knowledge that I wasn’t giving my body enough rest, but rather over working it. I gained a discipline and control over my food choices that I never knew existed.  I gained an amazing support group of like minded women who all previously struggled to see results….who all worked hard…and who all succeeded in the end.  I gained muscle.  I gained strength.  I gained energy.  I gained a better night’s sleep, a clearer mind, and just an overall happier me.  I gained a newfound lifestyle and it is one I implement in my every day life and have been doing so for six months.

I share this with y’all (yet again) because Amanda is holding another fitness bootcamp on FEBRUARY 27th…I will be joining in on the bootcamp fun again and would love to have y’all join me for the ride.  It’s such an amazingly eye opening one, gang, this I can PROMISE you.  If you’d like to read more about my experiences, please be sure to check out Posts 1, 2, and 3.  And as always, I’m here for questions if you need me.  Quit spinning your wheels, gang….you’ll be so very thrilled you did.  Make it a wonderful one and feel free to shop my gear and go to Bootcamp Goodies. below.

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  1. Hi Beth,
    I interested in the bootcamp but I have some serious hesitation. I work as an airline pilot and I’m traveling constantly. I do have internet access on my layovers in hotels and also access to hotel gyms(treadmills and very limited weight equipment). Aside from diet tips, specific exercise routines,and a fb support group, what is this exactly? Your testimonials and your figure is great, but there is limited info as to what exactly the online course provides. Please don’t see this as my being a Debbi-downer, I want to do this, however I’m just hesitant that a two week program will fit into my schedule of flying, hotels and restaurants!

  2. Love all your posts! Many cute/stylish things in my closet that I love after shopping your picks. I am in week 1 of the bootcamp after all your testimonials AND your before/after pics. I mean you kicked in in the before photos but your after photos ….. holy cow you are lean and cut! So my q .. how long did you struggle w/the fasting until noon? This is turning out to be my main struggle …. and did you find the workouts too easy? Maybe I’m overworking myself like you said but this week I’m like “this is it for my workout??” Love LOVE your blog, your style, your wit …