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StyleFebruary 1, 2017

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Top ON SALE // Denim // Heels // Clutch // Ring

Raise your hand if you’re getting that Seasonal ‘Why in the Hell do I Not Live in the South’ Disorder.  Yea, me too.  Like in a major way.  Typically I can power thru these months leading up to the Spring, but dangit all, I’m losing my strength, gang.  Spring Threads to the R E S C U E!

It’s tops like this Gingham Beauty that are giving me life during these less than stellar months.  Some other spring lovelies I’ve snagged as of late—this Off the Shoulder Ruffle Blouse which I’m predicting will be this year’s version of this Blouse from last year!  Because I’m here to tell you, kiddies, it’s all about that Statement Sleeve.  I’ve also got my eye on this chambray(ish) beauty….just may have to pull the trigger!  And the beauty of all of these tops I’ve mentioned, they’d pair perfectly with my Pink Heels, don’t ya think?

Look, the reality is, we’ve easily got another two solid months before I can bust these babies out, but that’s quite alright…I’ll just admire them in the closet in the meantime and kindly ask Mother Nature to quit being such a hag and bring us some Spring Weather!  Cheers to your Wednesday evening, gang…make it a great one!  Oh and PS–I’ll be hosting a Video Live(ish) tomorrow on my Facebook Page with Amanda chatting up all your most commonly asked questions on the Bootcamp….registration is now open for Feb 13 and 27th so please do hop on if you’re interested in joining!  Don’t sweat if you miss it because I’ll post the replay!  Cheers to your evening, gang….make it a great one….Sidenote, I want a donut!

Photos Courtesy of Meagan Gilbert