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StyleFebruary 20, 2017

Camo c/o 8fifteen // Checks c/o 8fifteen // Pants // Heels // Bag // Shades // Ring

We’re gonna chat up my love for several things in the post.  First, Veronica Beard.  Second, 8Fifteen here in Indy and our trip to NYC this week.  And last but certainly not least, THE PANT that every closet must own.  Must. Own.

First on deck, Veronica Beard….y’all from this Sweater, to their Blazers, the Dresses, and Blouses..these two sisters in law just HAVE it.  I’m always amazed when I go into my fave joint 8fifteen here in Indy (they exclusively carry VB), when I see a blouse that don’t get me wrong, looks stunning on the hanger, but man all mighty, you try that piece on and you are H O O K E D.   These two women know….women.  They know how to outfit women.  They know how to accentuate a gal’s bod and they’re damn good at it.  Veronica Beard pieces are T O T A L L Y worth the investment.  Totally.  Oh and PS, this post ain’t sponsored…I’m just down with the VB and thought you’d like to be, too!

So not only did 8fifteen intro me to Veronica, this little gem of a boutique (cited by VOGUE as the joint to shop while in Indy) continues to turn it up time and time again with their ever evolving collection of goodies.  So don’t you know when the owner, who just so happens to be a very dear friend, invited me to NYC this week for a little buying extravaganza I said H E L L S Y A S!!  It will be quite fun to hit up the “other” side of fashion week with a fabulous group of gals—stay tuned for the goodness on Snap (@seersuckersaddl) and Instastories.

And lastly in this little smorgasbord of a post, we MUST chat up these PANTS.  Introduced to me by my dear friend, Riles, per the recommendation of our friend and stylist, Caitlin, the Simone pant by Rag & Bone is a damn must, kids.  OOOOHHHH WEEEEEE do these bad boys flatter the figure!   And they have stretch, but don’t stretch out.  And they hug you just right.  And they can be dressed up or down.  And I snagged two pairs.  And are you surprised?  #NO

Alright kiddies, I’d say that’s just about enough for a Monday.  Be SURE to check out two solid posts from this weekend as THIS POST chats up the holiday sales and THIS POST chats up my Bootcamp Journey and invites you to join me for the Round Starting on Feb 27th.  Cheers to a wonderful week, gang…the bunnies are home from school so I think we’re gonna go surprise our boy at lunch with a little Chick Fil A action–his fave.  Make it a great one!

  1. April says:

    Love this look and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love your hair!!!!
    Have a great day!

  2. Christine Blancher says:

    Love VB! Her mother is from New Orleans, as my husband and I are. They are great customers of ours in NO. We own Rock n Bowl and Ye Olde College Inn. My husband has been to her parent’s vineyard to cook for them, twice. I just go for the wineries! Just a little side note… I bought your Rebecca Taylor tweed dress and wore it on Christmas Eve….. tons o complements!
    Thanks… Christine

    • beth says:

      oh LOVE this little fun fact. I mean, I truly can’t get over how well they know how to outfit a woman’s bod…perfection every time! And YEAAA for the RT dress…it’s such a beauty! xx– b