The Spring(ish) Sale

StyleFebruary 28, 2017

I have such a love/hate relationship with Shopbop when they decide to let the Mother of all Sales loose.  It’s like…hot damn let’s get to it slash what the hells….there goes the dang budget.  B U T here’s my reasoning with shopping the SALES, if there are things you’re clocking and are pretty certain you’re gonna snag…NOW is the time.  Seems foolish to pay full price for things you’ve been coveting for a bit.  I just snagged this Eyelet Beauty as I think she’ll be spectacular for spring and have my eye on these Pom Slides, these Bell Sleeves, and finally gotta snag another pair of my Fave Denim.  And man, how precious is this Yellow Suit?  Lordy, it’s a goodin’.  Too much dang goodness in one sale that’s for sure!

Per usual, let’s pace ourselves shall we gang?  Y’all have a wonderful evening….make it a great one!