FASTer Way to Fat Loss: The Fitness Bootcamp Roundup

FASTer Way to Fat Loss:

A Smile and Confidence are probably two of the best accessories a gal can sport, am I right?  Well, kids, in honor of the next FASTer Way to Fat Loss Bootcamp Round kicking off on April 24, I’m going to share how this fitness bootcamp program gave me those two accessories…and then some!  This has been a hot topic amongst the s + s readers which is why I continually feel compelled to chat about it on the regular.  It’s funny as I reflect on my Bootcamp Journey, I think about the ways in which I have changed both physically and mentally.  I won’t ever deny that the physical changes have played a huge part as to why I keep coming back for more fitness Bootcamp (I’m currently in my 4th round), but it’s truly the stuff that’s going on inside that is mind blowing.  My confidence, my moods, my sleep, my skin, my digestion, my health, it’s insane how it has all IMPROVED.  I mean in a significant way.  I just F E E L like I’ve hit the health jackpot and I’m living at an optimal level–something that I’ve been trying to achieve for a LONG time but you know….be it crazy workout routines, low carbing it, calorie counting…you name it…I’ve done a version of it….and THIS fitness bootcamp, THIS PROGRAM is the one that I’ve not only seen myself, but tons of my gal pals and even MORE s + s readers embrace and love.  We’re all in control now, and that feeling is more powerful and liberating than my words could ever convey.  The amount of conversations I’ve had with you all and my girlfriends about this FASTer Way to Fat Loss PROGRAM…goodness, well they never cease to amaze.  You can see some of the personal testimonials about this fitness bootcamp from fellow s + s readers HERE, no need to believe my mumbo jumbo…the proof is in these gals’ pudding (that sounds weird but you get the drift).  I’ll end with this…I ran into a reader at Starbucks this past week…we had never met but she came up to me and introduced herself (I just love when that happens) and went on to say how she’s doing her first round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss fitness bootcamp and is feeling better than she ever has before and has already lost 5lbs.  I mean hells bells, can it get any more rewarding than that??  It’s why I keep sharing, it’s why I keep participating, it’s why I whole heartedly believe in this PROGRAM.  Take control, kids, I can PROMISE you, you will be so damn glad you did.  Hit me up, per usual, with questions… me if you don’t mind as I can never tell if my responses get back to y’all on the blog  seersuckerandsaddles(at)gmail(dot)com.  Make it a great one, gang!  Oh and ps..I’m sharing all my gear and supplements below!

Photos Courtesy of Meagan Gilbert

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