Pregnancy Announcement: Our Party of Five

Mom:  Dress // Heels // Ring // Necklace

Johnny:  Shirt // Belt // Denim // Kicks

Chase:  Dress // Sneaks // Headband

Campbell:  Dress // Sneaks // Headband

Oh goodness, gang, I’ve waited for quite some time to post this pregnancy announcement bad boy up!  And I truly couldn’t be more elated and just straight up over the moon to share that the Chappo Crew is going to welcome a new little bundle this October!!  This post will no doubt be a tad lengthy but mama has been on a bit of a (hormonal rage), er, I mean hiatus so no better time to come back strong am I right?  Let’s take it from the top:

Back in October, Johnny and I decided it was time to start giving this baby making thing a whirl.  We knew we wanted to expand the fam even before we got married, but wanted to allow the 4 of us to get settled in and T R Y to time it with the new house.  Ha!!!   I’ll get to that later.  Oh, let me preface this post with I may or may not get a little TMI with y’all…just go with it if you don’t mind….we’re all gals…we can chat up this stuff!   Let me remind you I am turning 38 this Saturday, for the love, so we were eager to get this show on the road.  Our doctor, and Johnny’s colleague, is straight up amazing and knew we were hasty so she told us to give it ’til the New Year and if no dice, come see her and she’ll do bloodwork on me, make sure the eggs don’t have cobwebs, yada yada.  I don’t think this is standard protocol, but again, we did N O T want to waste any time!  After giving it the ‘ol college try, no bebe… we paid her a visit in January.  And what she told us was simple, your bloodwork shows your eggs are healthy, Beth, get the digital sticks, take a whiz on those babies every morning, wait until that smiley face is big and bright, and give it a go 24 hours after said smiley.   Is it sad to admit I had no clue up to this point if I even still ovulated, let alone, when?  I felt like I was back in 4th grade watching “The Talk” video in Mrs. Bass’ class.  Needless to say, we heeded the good doc’s advice and a few weeks later…voila…B E B E!  We were just so damn excited.  I wish I could put into words…

I remember that morning, I had already taken Chase to school so it was just me and Roo in the house.  I thought she was getting ready for school, but damnit if she didn’t waltz in right as I was reading the stick….let me rephrase that, screaming “Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!” at the stick.  Now up to this point, Chaser was totally Team Baby…..Roo was still on the fence.  Kid L O V E S being the baby of the family and did not want to relinquish that title.  At all.  So when she saw me acting a fool with that little white stick in my hand she said, “Mooooooooom, what is it?  Are you pregnant?”  And I was all, “Oh, well, sweets, I’m not quite sure.” Because I hadn’t really thought this part through of if/when we would tell them.  “Well you wouldn’t be so excited if you weren’t pregnant, so I know you are.”  Damn kid got me.  “Yes, buddy!  Yes…Mom is pregnant!”  Insert look of disappointment on Roo’s face with this pregnancy announcement.  “Man, are you serious?”  “Yes, buddy, but it’s such amazing news and you’re going to be the best big sister ever and you’re the VERY FIRST person mom told A N D you’ll get to share a room with your sister!”  I had to play dirty.  “W H A T ?   Oh my gosh that is so awesome, I can’t wait to tell Chase we’re sharing a room….I’m so excited for this baby to come!”  Problem solved.  Roo was officially Team Baby.

Onto Johnny.  This was so damn typical of him.  I call him at work.  And again, hadn’t really rehearsed how this pregnancy announcement was going to play out.  You’d think I would’ve done something all cute and creative.  Not so much.  He picked up the phone (which at the time I didn’t realize was on speaker…he loves to do this shit to me and I’ve looked like quite the idiot in front of his partners on more than one occasion) and I just blurted out, “Johnny, I’m pregnant!”  Now  when I tell you John is literally T H E definition of “Cool as a Cucumber” I ain’t kidding.  The kid is phased by NOTHING.  ZILCH.   His response, “Oh that’s great news babe, I’ve got to go put a line in a patient, I’ll call you right back.”   In my newfound hormonal state, you’d think I would’ve been disappointed be his chill demeanor, but nah, this, my friends, is typical Johnny fashion.  Oh he also replied with, “I love you very much and you just told all my partners you’re pregnant, too.”  Damn you speaker phone.

The three of us opted to share this pregnancy announcement with Chaser once Johnny got home from work.  It was caught on camera.  And terribly cute.  She was so dang excited.  And it started out with Roo blurting out, “We get to share a room, sissy!”

And now the fun part… hormones.  What. The. Eff.  Y’all.  This is no damn joke 10 years later.  I mean first of all, I showed IMMEDIATELY.  It was as though my uterus was like “Game Time!”  Secondly, and I’ll just keep this simple.  Johnny has compared marriage to me for the past 8 weeks to that of riding Space Mountain.  I mean there’s a running household joke that we all must embrace when mom is on the up swing because Lord knows that I’ll be acting like a lunatic in T minus 10 mins.  I frighten myself at times.  I can only imagine what I’m doing to the three of them.  Thank goodness, though, I’m in the second trimester so I FINALLY am starting to feel like myself again.  And it’s glorious.  A special thanks to my fam for tolerating my shenanigans these past few months.  Y’all are troopers and I love you beyond for embracing my crazy.

Another highlight has been choosing a doula.  I didn’t have one with the kids, but had no desire to go natural like I do now.  Third time’s a charm I suppose, right?  I had to sell Johnny on the whole Doula route because he immediately sees dollar signs and assumes this is another one of my ridiculous gimmicks.  The four of us went to a local Doula Date Night (you can imagine how thrilled he was to partake in this) several weeks ago, and after John intro’d us to a room full of doulas and couples, stated he “Has no clue what a doula is, ” and asked 80 zillion questions, he was sold on the idea and we now have our gal and she is AMAZING.  Clicked with our family right outta the gate!  And would you believe we are contemplating a home birth?  Now.  This is where our timeline becomes quite humorous.  Remember how I mentioned before we “tried” to time this bundle with the move in date of our house?  Ha—serves us right.  Babycakes is due on John’s Bday–October 13th.  House is scheduled to be finished in…NOVEMBER.  But you know what, it’s gonna be a cluster no matter how you slice so I just say let’s embrace the chaos.  If it just so happens to work out, fab…but I’m not counting on anything.   But I’ll keep y’all posted on our plan…I was shocked John was so pro-homebirth given his environment is the hospital, but after doing some research and watching “The Business of Being Born” we are definitely leaning towards welcoming this new addition in our crib be it the rental or the new home.  We still have to interview some midwives so stay tuned…….And SHARE!!!  I would LOVE to hear if any of y’all have had home births and what your experience has been.

Kinda crazy, isn’t it gang?  For those of you that have been along for the ride all these years…..look at how far us gals have come.  It makes me cry every time…..every. single. time I think of the way God has continually blessed our lives time and time again.  And this baby.  Oh man it’s just such an incredible blessing and gift.  My heart gets all warm and fuzzy thinking of Chase and Cam with their new baby sibling…they’re going to make spectacular big sisters (and helpers).  And Johnny.  Oh my goodness…that kid has been one helluva step dad to the girls….I mean he just amazes me every day with his selflessness and love towards us three.  He’s going to shine in this role I have no doubts.  And so to share a child with him and “round” out our crew….it’s such a beautiful thing.  I am so happy.  I am so thankful.  I feel so much love for my family.  It’s truly so overwhelming.

My hope is to share this journey with y’all because as I’ve mentioned before….y’all have been with me through so many chapters…both good and bad..and I love y’all for sticking with me thru thick and thin!   But, gang, this is an amazing chapter so I fully intend to chat it up on the regular and seek your advice!!  Because while this ain’t homegal’s first rodeo, I am R U S T Y.  Like what’s a damn Dock a Tot?  And do I need one?  And we no longer Baby Bjorn?  I’m a lost pup so feel free to share your baby wisdom and maternal guidance!  It is indeed welcome!

A H U G E thank you to Sara Hill for capturing our crew at such a special time.  Mandy Odle for bringing my mug back up to speed (that pregnancy acne is a doozy).  And Eva Harris at The Beauty Lounge for coiffing my mane.  Much love to y’all and my beloved s + s readers….thanks for giving me grace and allowing me to fall off the map for a bit….but I’m back in the (maternity) saddle, gang!  Make it a wonderful one!

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  1. Awwwww, congrats! Looking forward to see how you dress that bump and that BABY! October is a great month! My twins were born that month 8 years ago…9 years after my first, so I know how exciting it can be to have an older sibling to be apart of it all and really soak it in. And can i say, DAMN girl you are good at hiding it on social media!!!

  2. Well shit – my motherly instincts were right – I was wondering why things felt “quiet” on the front! Ha! Congratulations over and over!

    I had two natural births – my first I had a doula and was so happy! Great investment I think! I did not do homebirths, but if you aren’t high-risk, then all aboard!

  3. Joyful is the best way to describe this post. Along with your beautiful wedding, when you share glimpses into your family life, your blog really shines. I am very happy for y’all. Your baby is blessed to be part of such a loving family.

  4. Big congrats!!!! I love that you share so much of your life with us and I can’t wait to read about this journey!!!!! Rooting for you all!!!!