Blazers and Books

Blazer // Striped Tee // Bag // Bracelets // Denim // Sneaks // Ring

We’re gonna get to this rig, specifically this darling Blazer here in a bit, but first…let’s chat B O O K S.   Specifically, Talbots Summer Book Club.  Gang, I just L O V E this concept–so does my daughter, Chase, who has read more books than her dang mother!!  Seriously.  Talbots’ Give a Book, Get a Book program is so great for those of us that enjoy a great read and want to share the love with others.  For Chaser and I, it’s Harry Potter.  Because who in the heck doesn’t love Harry Potter?   Heck, Chasey loves it so much the kid has read the series T H R E E times.  We had an extra Deathly Hollows in our collection, so we thought it would be the perfect read to share with fellow bookworms.  Participating in the Talbots Summer Book Club is simple….just head to your local Talbots (snag this Pineapple Clutch while you’re at it) and simultaneously drop off a book you’ve loved, and pick up a new one to enjoy!  Talbots even has darling nameplates that you can fill out so whomever receives your book will get a fun little backstory—no pun!  There’s no better time than the summer to catch up on some good reads, so be sure to swing into Talbots to Give a Book and Get a Book!

Summer Reads aside, we’ve got to get to these Blazers–gang, I’m digging these in a major way.  They’re fun and fresh while still being classic.  They also hide my hips that seem to be expanding at a rapid pace, so it’s a win/win.  Other goodies I spotted while in my Talbots this past week…this CLUTCH–simply adore–stripes A N D a pineapple?  Sold.  I also eyed this Necklace which would be a perfect complement to my summer frocks. Summer goodies galore!!  Alright, gang, I’ve got a fun little Event I’m attending tomorrow so I need to get some shut eye.  Y’all have a wonderful Friday—cheers to the weekend!

This Post is Sponsored by Talbots.  All opinions expressed herein are my very own–especially the one about the Pineapple Clutch : )

Photos Courtesy of Meagan Gilbert

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