Lets Get Technical: Home Automation Review

All Home Automation provided by LoxOne // Speakers provided by Sonance

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You say the words “Tech” or “Home Automation” and I’m all, “Say Whaaaaaat?”   That is, until I married John.  Homeboy is T H E king of Home Automation.  No, literally the guy would automate ME if he could.  If there’s a switch, he ain’t havin’ it.  If there’s a way it can be controlled by an App, he is as happy as a clam.  And so you can imagine his delight whenever we are at our condo as the entire place is automated thanks to LoxOne.  We’re talking lights, audio, video, HVAC, blinds, alarm, locks….you name it, LoxOne has automated it.  Now, I remember when we were in the renovation process I was all, “Whoa whoa whoa, what in the sam hell do you mean we don’t need a key?  Or a light switch?  Or a clicker?”  ‘Tis true, everything is controlled either on our phones, iPads placed throughout the condo, or touch pads strategically placed on the walls.  And those suckers are smart….literally.  If it’s 11pm at night, and I waddle into the bathroom, the sensors can pick up my vibe and dim lights automatically turn on so I don’t, oh I don’t know, stub a toe.  We’ve also created “Scenes” if you will for various scenarios.  Cooking Mode is a lovely lighting that’s not too harsh, but allows wonderful visibility to read ingredients, cookbooks, etc.  Entertaining Mode has a bit more of an ambient feel where the lights dim a tad.  The Roo Mode (Campbell)…is Pink.  Just straight up blinding pink.  See above.  Last year we had a 4th of July soiree and lit the kitchen and living room Red, White, and Blue.  Truly the possibilities are endless which is what makes home automation so fun.  Now I have to admit, per my aforementioned questions, I was a hard sell on home automation.  Tech just ain’t my bag.  But I have to tell you, I absolutely love it.  I love the convenience, safety, personalization, heck the list goes on.  So much so that we intend to have our New Home fully automated.  And here’s the other (surprising) thing, too…you’d think our parents would be all, “What’s an iPad,” but to my surprise…John’s folks probably operate the automation more seamlessly than I do!  Needless to say, the LoxOne is terribly user friendly amongst all ages…even the bunnies school me on how to use it from time to time!  Speaking of the bunnies, probably their favorite feature aside from the cool lighting options, are the Speakers.  Let me clarify, the sound the Sonance Speakers project when we are watching a movie.  It. Is. Incredible.  For a family the L O V E S going to the movies…well, our Sonance speakers make you feel like it’s the real movie deal.  The sound system is probably one of Johnny’s favorite thing to show our guests….it’s a wonder we haven’t gotten a noise complaint.  And true to the condo’s minimalist look, the speakers are very low profile and therefore blend beautifully with the decor.

Alright, gang, brace yourself for the first of what I hope will be many Home Update posts….it’s truly an exciting (albeit hectic) time in the Chappo household, bust rest assured, sharing our progress is indeed the fun part!  We sure do appreciate you following along and if you aren’t already tagging along on Instagram, be sure to sneak a peek at my Insta Stories as it’s where I’m sharing most of the home updates!  Cheers to your evening gang, make it a great one!

Photos Courtesy of Meagan Gilbert

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  1. Congratulations! How exciting!!!! Can’t believe you are pregnant!
    House shopping too? Nice.

    My guy is Mr. Tech too.

    1. Thanks, Mary!! Yes…just tackling all of life’s major events in one fell swoop! Thank you for the well wishes! xx