Stripes, Sneaks, and Sales

Maternity, StyleMay 25, 2017

Look 1:  Dress // Shades Similar // Bag Similar // Hat // Sneaks // Ring

Look 2:  Dress // Jacket // Shades ON SALE

Look 3:  Dress // Sneaks // Backpack // Shades ON SALE

Look 4:  Dress ON SALE // Backpack ON SALE // Sneaks // Shades

Gang, we’ve got a R O B U S T agenda for today!  With four ways to sport the sneaks, there’s a bit to talk about.  We’ll kick it off with my love of the Sneak + Dress combo and round it out with some fantastic Memorial Day SALES that are already running full steam ahead.  So I think it’s safe to say I’m taking the sneak and dress route for this pregnancy.  You know, it’s just easy, (relatively) flattering, true to my style, A N D it doesn’t need to be maternity.  So that kinda seems like an all around W I N in my book.  Sidenote, I have to mention Pip is kicking up a storm as I type this.  It’s so crazy how those memories from the girls come rushing back….I remember so vividly Chase would kick me every morning around 5am.  Cam was a wild buck throughout the day.  And Pip is pretty routine with the late night kicks.  It’s kind of early to feel him, but being that this is my 3rd, everything happens more quickly.  And I mean everything.  Kicks, aches, W E I G H T G A I N.  Hells Bells, y’all, I’ve gotta get my butt literally in gear.  I’ve been doing prenatal yoga and Pure Barre, but I’ve also been eating.  A lot.  A helluva lot.  My doctor says my weight gain is on track but I just have this sneaking suspicion I’m gonna exceed that ‘ole recommended 35lbs.  Which I’m fine with…it’s my last rodeo so might as well live it up!  I digress, gang…..

Ok, onto the S A L E S.  One of the biggest sales of the season, our fave—the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.  It’s one of the best times to snag those summer goodies on major markdown.  I’m going to link some pics below that y’all can click on.  I’ve got this Maxi, Midi, and….Monkey on my hit list…just to name a few.  Check out the other sale goodies I’m clocking below!  Oh and if you have yet to check out Loft’s Sunglasses…now’s the time, gals….they’re my go to as of late and only 15 smacks!  Be sure to check ’em out but most importantly, Make it a great one, gang!

Photos Courtesy of Meagan Gilbert


  1. Becca says:

    I tend to gravitate towards stripes so I love all of this. So many great sales going on and I’m especially happy with the Half Yearly sale. Shared a blog post on it and we picked some of the same items from the sale.