The Fresh Stripes

Maternity, StyleMay 16, 2017

Dress // Heels // Bag // Shades Similar // Ring

Never one to deny my love of stripes, I simply couldn’t resist snagging this (non maternity) off the shoulder beauty several weeks ago.  It’s a stripe combo that (shocker) I don’t currently own so there you have my justification.  B U T new striped combo aside, I’m loving that you can either wear ‘er belted or sans belt (something I fully intend to do as this belly expands–which it is doing at a rapid pace).  I’ve also touted my love of these Sandals not only because they come in a slew of colors, but also, they’re super versatile.  And comfy.  But honestly, as much as I love the Dress and Sandals, it’s really this Wicker Bag that’s stealing the show.  Now sadly, I think this baby is on the brink of selling out, but don’t fret, this Wicker is just as worthy.

I truly hope everyone had a stellar Mother’s Day with their loved ones.  Ours was no doubt one of my faves to date.  The four of us hopped on our bikes and toured our town for 6 hours complete with one of our fave bike trails, a hiking sesh, a delish burger joint, and topped the ride off with some ice cream.  The weather was simply beautiful and the quality time with the fam was one for the books.  No doubts my hind is paying the price today for all those hills and that damn bike seat, but it was totally worth it—and the icing on the Mother’s Day Cake….Johnny felt the baby kick for the first time last night!  His expression was priceless–oh so very sweet.  I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, it’s so wonderful to watch him and the bunnies experience this journey for the first time (Chaser was too young to remember Roo).  Their excitement is just precious.  The baby’s a rambunctious little thing at night so sadly the bunnies have yet to feel him kick, but they’re eagerly awaiting.  All hands were on deck (aka belly) tonight but baby boy must’ve been snoozing–we’ll try again mañana!  Here’s to hoping y’all are having a great start to your week….make it a great one!  Feel free to shop the look below.

Photos Courtesy of Meagan Gilbert