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Maternity, StyleMay 11, 2017

Look 1: Stripes ON SALE  // Denim // Heels // Shades similar // Bag // Ring // Lips

Look 2: Top ON SALE // Heels ON SALE // Bag

Look 3:  Dress ON SALE // Hi Tops // Clutch // Shades

I believe, that once you find a good thing, ’tis important not to stray.  Like Sneaks for instance.  I love them.  I know they work with my wardrobe. They’re comfy.  End of Story.  Same goes for Stripes.  They’re a neutral.  They’re classic.  They make up 50% of my wardrobe.  And sometimes, if we’re lucky enough…we’ll find a brand slash designer that just W O R K S.  It’s a “go-to” if you will.  You can always count on finding something.  And better yet, can always count on finding something(s) ON SALE.  Hey thanks, L O F T!  You’ve been a longtime staple in the ‘ole closet and one I keep going back to for more so for that…many thanks.  Case in point, as I mentioned last weekend, I went on a bit of a (Loft) tear, and man did I score some finds.  The goodies pictured above are some just to name a few, but let us not forget those that didn’t make the blog…yet.  Team Tunic, Maxi Mania, and Chunky Camel were indeed solid treasures.  All fantastic finds.  All on S A L E.  And if I may suggest taking a gander for Mother’s Day….as I’m certain you can score something fab for mom!

A few other talking points…where my pregnant ladies at?  Kids, get these J E A N S.  Or, if you’re like me and freak out at the thoughts of losing your fave pair of said J E A N S, get two.  I have literally been wearing them (almost) daily.  And if you’re looking to spruce up your summer shoe collection, look no further than these Platforms or Sale Poms.  Both giving me all those good girly vibes.  Ok, gang, I think that about sums ‘er up!  Cheers to the rest of your week—make it a fab one and thanks for stopping by!

Photos Courtesy of Meagan Gilbert 

  1. Sarah says:

    I need the “look for less” version of those wedges! Being only 5’1″, the more height the better. Super cute looks.