The Pregnancy Plan

Maternity, StyleMay 1, 2017

Jacket size UP also avail HERE in limited sizes // Denim // Tank // Heels Splurge vs Save // Clutch // Ring // Shades

We’re gonna quick touch base on this Embroidered Jacket which…wowza, gang….I’m in love with the details of this beauty.  Not only would it be gorg over a gray slinky dress, but how cute with a Gray Striped Tee, Denim, and Sneaks?  So here’s how I ordered this…I snagged the jacket from Nordstrom only to discover it was less expensive on Asos after I received it…..All Hail Nordy’s Customer Service, as they price adjusted and matched the Asos Price (they’ll only do if Asos has the exact size you ordered at Nords)… depending on where you like to shop, you’ve got options kiddos!  Regardless, it’s a beauty worth the investment.

Now onto the subject at hand…my pregnancy plan of attack.  This is uncharted blogging territory for me, gang, so I want to ensure the content I provide remains relevant.  And while I’ll be sharing bump updates, product purchases, and the like, I think in an effort to keep brining y’all what you’re accustomed to seeing, I intend to sport Non Maternity garb as long as this body will allow.  Which I have a sneaking suspicion, my days are numbered.  Not sure if I’ve publicly mentioned, but hells bells, I am already SO MUCH BIGGER than I was with the gals.  Like significantly bigger.   The baby is the size of a dang pickle (ironic since I ate about 10 of those today), so I don’t know what the hell kind of mind games my uterus is playing on me, but alas, it is what it is, and I’m just gonna embrace the bod in all of its basketball glory.  I’ve already invested in some super cute Maternity Jeans so they’ll be making plenty of appearances, but that’s the only preggers purchase I’ve made thus far.   So don’t fret non bump readers, I’ve got us A L L covered.  To my fellow maternity mavens, this was how I dressed with the bunnies….pushing the boundaries of the non maternity threads and I found the tighter the fit around the bump, the more womanly I felt…weird but true.  Case in point, we will be attending an event this weekend called Rev Indy (it’s the kick off to Indy 500), and I plan on squeezing my hind into this little number (in love with the back) paired with these shoes.  I’m also planning on sharing my workout routines within the next few weeks, too, as I prepare for (hopefully) a natural labor.  Anything I’m missing kids?  Anything else you’d like me to divulge?  Like I said, first rodeo talking about babies and blogging so I’m def open to suggestions.  But for now, I’ll bid y’all farewell and invite you to shop the look below!  Make it a great one, gang!

Photos courtesy of Meagan Gilbert

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m only one gal but I’m enjoying your posts! I too am prego with #3, am twice as big as I was with the others and doing my best to not rock out maternity wear other than jeans! You’ve been giving me inspiration!

    • beth says:

      Oh good…I’m glad your finding a touch of inspo!!! And good to know I’m not the only one who is H U G E relative to their previous pregnancies…it’s bonkers! Best of luck to you on your preggers journey!