The Maternity Must Haves

Maternity, StyleJune 13, 2017

Jacket ON SALE // Tee // Maternity Denim // Sneaks // Bag // Shades // Ring // Nails

Ok, gang, this is going to be a long (hopefully informative one)….I’ve been composing a list of my Maternity Must Have’s since finding out we’re pregnant.  This list is robust and random but it’s truly the things I’ve found essential thus far–I’m skipping over the obvious Prenatals, Fruits, Veggies, Water, yada yada yada and getting a touch more specific.  I’m sure it will evolve as the bod does, but for now let’s get right to it!

  1.  Maternity Denim.  T H I S is the O N E maternity thread you should invest in sooner rather than later.  Y’all know my mantra is to try to shy away from maternity until it’s absolutely necessary, but the one item you can’t do without is the Denim.  DL1961 and Paige are two of my faves.  I ordered two pairs of THESE and wear nonstop as well as THESE.  They are a touch pricey; however, given the amount you’ll wear them, they are D E F worth the investment!
  2. Fitted Tees.  Yep, you read that right–FITTED.  Old Navy has my absolute favorite (and affordable) ones.  So my uniform as of late, which I’ve found to be most flattering because it accentuates the bump (I’m total #teambump) and hides the parts that seem to be expanding at a rapid pace (hips & hind) is the Jacket/Cardigan, Denim, Fitted (tucked in) Tee kinda look (see examples 1, 2).  You could also rock this with denim shorts or an elastic skirt.
  3. LuluLemon Align Pants.  Yes.  Yes.  So much Yes.  There’s so much function (and comfort) within these babies and the best part is I’ve worn the same EXACT PAIR(S) before pregnancy and throughout this one….read:  worth the investment.  I wear mine on the regular to both PureBarre (Carmel) and Prenatal Yoga and I F U L L Y intend to sport them on the regs postpartum.
  4. A workout regimen.  Kids, look, I fully understand this is W A Y easier said than done.  To be honest, it truly took me until 11 weeks or so to get the motivation to get back on my routine…you just feel so crummy and gross those first few weeks so it’s not top of the list to go sweat it out.  However, I believe it to be a crucial part of your physical and emotional well being while preggers.  So for me, my approach is completely different than when not pregnant.  I went back to my love of Pure Barre for several reasons.  One, it’s low impact and so good for keeping the legs, arms, and hind toned.  But even more important for me is the mind/body connection you experience in class.  You’ll recall I’m going to give it my best shot at going au natural come D-Day and there’s such a mindfulness that comes with Pure Barre, it truly is the perfect complement to pregnancy and your delivery.  My studio in Carmel is one of my faves because the vibe is oh so positive and welcoming, but also the owner Becky and I go W A A A A Y back and have taken PB together back in our original studio in Lexington.
  5. Comfy Bras and Undies.  Specifically ones to sleep/lounge in.  I don’t know what it is about being pregnant (TMI warning, gang) but there’s a running joke in our household bc I just want to be in my bday suit.  Which is super scary for the other residents of my household.  I think because clothes feel so restrictive and I’m just busting outta stuff, it feels so free and comfy to be in the buff.  Obviously I’m no nudist so this doesn’t jive with the crew all day every day….enter the Calvin Klein Bra and Undies.  I am O B S E S S E D.  They are like second skin…..expand with me…and are super cute.  And not offensive to my family.  As a matter of fact, Johnny boy loves ’em.  Oh, might as well snag some Maternity Spanx while you’re at it for #6.
  6. Dresses.  Specifically Maxis and BodyCon.  John jokes that I wear tighter things now that I’m pregnant vs when I’m not.  And he’s right.  Again, total #teambump so anything that showcases it, I’m down.  Also, I’m down for any items that won’t just be a pregnancy one hit wonder and I haven’t sized up (yet) on these two frocks because there’s flow with a maxi and stretch with the ‘con.
  7. The SNOOGLE.  Your husbands will hate me, but you ladies won’t!  I was D E S P E R A T E  for a sleep pillow and after taking a poll on Insta, you ladies led me to the S N O O G S as we refer to it in the Chappo household.  I don’t know how it does it, but it does it. And by it, I mean a phenomenal night’s rest.  I’m actually snugging with it as I type.  Now, back to the husbands.  So this is funny because initially Johnny was anti-Snoogs, but homeboy L O V E S it now. Sorta.  We’re totally TV buffs before bed and the Snoog accommodates us both.  He does not love the amount of room it takes or that he gets the Heisman when he tries to snuggle with me but whatever, better than having a cranky wife.
  8. Belly Butter.  A boatload of belly butter.  Currently I’m rotating between Palmers and Kopari.  I’m loving both–probably a touch more partial to Palmers because it’s what I used with the bunnies and I didn’t get any stretch marks B U T Kopari smells amazing and has more uses than Palmers (hair, face, etc) and is au natural.  Can’t go wrong either way which is why I rotate them.  Beware, they’re greasy, but all the butters are so it comes with the territory.
  9. BellyBuds.  They gently adhere to your belly and allow you to safely play memory shaping tunes to your bundle.  You can even record a voice message and play for the babe as well!  Pip, just like mom, seems to really enjoy Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall Album….I’m gonna get this babe to love the 80s as much as I do even if it’s the last thing I do!  It’s become our nightly ritual to play him some jams and just watch the belly go bonkers–the kids love it!
  10. The OVIA APP.  Whether your planning, expecting, or parenting, this APP has been our baby bible this round.  Super informative and so easy to use…..and FYI, according to Ovia, Pip is the size of an Ear of Corn currently!
  11. Mindful Birthing.  Specifically the book/audiobook by Nancy Bardacke.  Yet another running joke in our fam…when the kids start working my nerves, I tell them they’re gonna get a dose of “Bardacke” to calm themselves.  No, but in all seriousness, this audio book has been my birthing bible.  Hit me up with direct inquires if you’re interested in knowing more but I truly feel once I get thru this (about 75% completed), I’ll be as equipped as possible for my labor/delivery.  I plan to listen to it again once I’m in the home stretch, but as I mentioned in my workout item, it has been eye opening to learn better ways to meditate and be mindful.  Allegedly two key components when trying to birth naturally.
  12. Last but definitely not Least…definitely the most TMI, but what kinda friend would I be if I didn’t share all the nitty gritty details and tips?   Miralax.  Gang, just get it….my doc highly recommended.  Didn’t use with the bunnies.  Wish I would’ve.  Has no taste.  There’s no downside.  I’ll leave it at that kids.

Pfew!  That about does it for now.  I’ll do a bump update and chat up the state of the union here soon.  All is good in the hood and the energy level is high so I’m embracing that 2nd trimester groove!  I hope y’all find this list helpful….feel free to hit me up with questions…i find a DM on Instagram or an email to seersuckerandsaddles(at)gmail(dot)com are the easiest ways for us to correspond.  And I’m LOVING your suggestions for any and everything maternity so keep it up, gang!  Here’s to hoping your Tuesday is off to a great start…we’ve got a (shocker) house meeting and Doula meeting on deck….make it a great one!

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth