The Embroidered Frock

Maternity, StyleJune 9, 2017

Dress // Bag // Heels // Ring

I wore this DRESS when I F I R S T found out I was pregnant for a weekend in Lexington and the Horse Races.  I’ve sported it a few times since then and I’m telling you, it’s the perfect summer frock.  The ease of the linen lends itself to the warmer weather while the embroidery adds just a special feminine touch–as does the little peekaboo slit!

And while the frock is fab for the summer, I want to chat up my neutral Schutz Heels.  These are actually My Wedding shoes that I initially discovered when the ever so lovely and chic Kate Middleton wore them last year.  And I have since sported them a T O N.  They’re the perfect neutral.  Which leads me to my next point.  I’ve long loved Schutz Heels (see example A), but they are straight serving it UP right now.  I mean…goodness galore!  See Palm Mules, Cork Heels, and Embroidered Neutrals… dang good!  Speaking of dang good, my acrylic clutch is one of the hot items this summer and it appears that the neutral shade is available again for preorder–hop on it if you’ve been interested because this baby sells out F A S T!!

Alright, gang, the bunnies and I have a little photo shoot with Shelly Ruth this afternoon….stay tuned for that post next week!  Until then feel free to shop the look and my current (shoe) craves below.  Here’s to hoping y’all have an amazing weekend—make it a great one!

Photos Courtesy of Kristin Tatem