The Saturday Sales

StyleJune 17, 2017

Why in the Sam Hell is it when you’re able to sleep in you can’t?  Well, lucky for you gang, my early bird status means I’ve done a little sale scouting and came up with some fun summer gems!  You M U S T hit up LOFT first and foremost.  At 40% off sitewide, it is THE perfect time to snag some summer threads…I went ahead and rushed both this Striped OTS number (runs large per reviews) and these SANDALS to mi casa.  Old Navy is serving up a nice little discount, too.  Per my Insta Post yesterday, this embroidered frock is one to have this season!  And last but not least, you can snag some designer sale pieces from Shopbop.  I’m loving both these TASSELS and this ROMPER (if my hind could fit into it, which it can’t…I’ll live vicariously thru y’all).  Alright, gang, cheers to your Father’s Day Weekend…we intend to spoil the hell outta our main man…he deserves it something fierce!!  Make it a great one!