The Festive Tunic

Maternity, StyleJuly 3, 2017

Top  // Sandals // Denim Non Maternity // Shades SIMILAR ON SALE // Ring // Necklace

Starting the week off right in this P E R F E C T Summertime Tunic…I’ve yip yapped about it over on Instagram so I thought it was high time to share it over here!  I’d recommend sizing down…I’m in a small and I probs could’ve gone for the XS—even with the big ‘ole bump!  ‘Tis the week(end) for mad sales gang!  Some of my faves are happening over on Loft (see Plaid UNDER $20 and Romper UNDER $30) and J.Crew (see Ruffles at 30% off and Stripes at 30% off)….needless to say, there’s some solid finds happening N O W.   After a full day on the lake yesterday, the crew and I are taking a much needed day to be L A Z Y B O N E S.  Johnny and I will probably wrap up House of Cards #bittersweet and the Bunnies are going to their friends’ houses to swim later this afternoon.  Oh and one little housekeeping tidbit, if you’re up for a little summer Bootcamp Session, this is the FINAL CALL for the July 10th Bootcamp.  Now we all know as much as the sun rises and sets, I ain’t joining in on this round but you’d best believe I’ll be coming backs guns a blazin’ after this babe arrives!  If you’d like to read up on my Bootcamp journey, def check out THESE POSTS.

Alright, gang, here’s to a wonderful holiday with your family and friends—make it a great one!

Photos courtesy of Shelly Ruth Photography