The Nordstrom Sale

Start your engines, Gang!  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us and ready to shop for those who have the Card.  And as I’m sure you’ve heard from the gaggle of gals that are going gaga for this bad boy, the good stuff goes Q U I C K L Y.  So let’s chat a plan of attack.  Personally, this is when I stock up on those Higher End pieces for Fall and Winter that RARELY go on Sale…such as these Over the Knees that are about $300 off or this Classic Stripe Dress that you would wear a multitude of ways and have for years to come.  And then I’ll grab my staples such as Designer Denim and Kicks.  I typically round it out with some Fun Items just for the heck of it….like this Topper or Jumpsuit (which For the Love of Mike, hopefully I’ll be able to fit into come the holidays).  And while I tried my best to keep the list pretty curated, I’ve been know to lack the E D I T…bear with me.  And if you want to see all the goodies in one spot sans my yip yapping, head to The Nordstrom Sale tab in the upper corner.  So let’s break it down shall we now?

Designer Items.  If you’re on the fence, take the plunge now.  You’ll be kicking yourself in the fall when you’re craving these bad boys and have to pay full price.  Trust me.  Oh and also trust, a Veronica Beard Blazer is worth Every. Damn. Penny.  All the pennies.

Boots.  They ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, so might as well stock up on them while they’re deeply discounted.  You know the drill.  They pair perfectly with denim, dresses, skirts, and shorts.

Denim.  I need say nothing else.  Just getcha your good denim while ya can.  Also, SNAG THESE LEGGINGS.  Because I’ve had them since I started blogging and have worn them EVERY YEAR SINCE.

Jackets slash Toppers.  Fall and winter essentials.

The Fun Stuff….be it a Jumpsuit, Mom on the Go Hipster Sweatshirt, or a toss in everything Tote, these are the ‘fun’ items I like to snag while they prices are H O T.

Alright, kids, remember you can view the whole Kit n’ Caboodle on the Nordstrom Anniversary Tab if you’re into more visuals, less talky.  Pace yourself, per usual…I’ll be updating as we go but trying to not flood your feeds with the mayhem!  Cheers to your Thursday–make it a great one!

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