The Saturday Sales

Happy Saturday, Gang!!  I’ve still got two lazy bones in bed (Johnny & Chaser), so I wanted to E D I T, per se, Thursday’s Post and add some follow up items I think I’m going to pull the trigger on as well as what I snagged at the store!  So here’s my haul from my trip to Nordstrom, let’s break it down:

IF, IF, IF I had to pick O N E just O N E item to snag….it would be this Jacket.  I totally missed it online but dangit if it didn’t catch my eye immediately in the store…the distressing and fit are perfect!  I was able to pair it with the dresses I tried on, sweaters, you name it…such a goodin’.  For the price, this Striped Distressed Sweater is a solid piece–another fave for sure.  And lastly, you can’t deny the quality, comfort, and just sleekness of these LOAFERS…pillows, gang…like walking on chic, buttery brown, pillows.  As for what I already own from last year and think there’s def a need to snag this year….I’d say these Leggings, “Leather” Jacket, and Suede Jacket.  All such great staples and a phenomenal price point.  I added a few items on my radar that hopefully I can sport postpartum, but it’s a gamble, gang…..this Pleated Skirt, High Waisters, and Boyfriend Coat are fall perfection, right?  If you want a full roundup of my #NSALE picks, no problemo, just click HERE.

Alright, kids, cheers to your weekend.  I’m going to rally and go whip up some brunch for the crew.  Which speaking of…have any of y’all BAKED BACON??  This may not be a novel idea, but my sis in law baked hers when we were in Dallas, and we cannot get enough of it…it’s the perfect texture/crunch…and much less messier.  I follow this technique if you’re up for a little bacon action!  Trust me..worth a try!  Y’all make it a great one!

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