Sealed with a School Kiss

Mom:  Jacket c/o 8Fifteen Indy // Tank // Denim // Sneaks // Bag // Ring // Shades // Watch

Chaser:  Tee // Denim // Sneaks // Crossbody Purse

Roo:  Dress // Sneaks // Taco Purse


We’re about two weeks into the Back to School scene, and I think we’ve finally gotten into our groove.  We’ve all adjusted to the earlier morning wake up call, the afternoon activities, and the nighttime hustle.  A solid rhythm indeed. The bunnies have been a little more into their fashion scenes this year than year’s past, and I can’t say this Style Blogger is mad about it.  They’re terribly fun to dress if I’m being honest.  Thankfully they allow for mom’s input and more often than not solicit it.  Chase is also at the (tween) stage where she’s got her morning routine of cleansing, moisturizing, and some Lip Balm action.  And don’t you know if Roo has the opportunity to wear balm, she most definitely will!  Needless to say, us Lip Balm Lovers were thrilled to try out a boatload of Carmex goodies.  True story, I would go to the grocery store with my mom when I was probably Chase’s age and spend my allowance on Gummy Bears and a Classic Jar of Carmex Lip Balm….still love it to this day and #beautyhack, dab some on the apples of your cheeks for a dewy finish!   Chaser was all about the Carmex Mixed Berry Lip Balm that she uses morning, night, and has a stash in her locker at school.  That kid’s pucker has never looked more moisturized…we’re a chronic chapped lip kinda crew and this stuff D E L I V E R S.  Roo on the other hand, was diggin’ the Strawberry Tube Balm..her poor little lips can sometimes take a beating with her braces so this stuff serves as a great protective layer against her metal mouth.  Mom keeps with the Classic Carmex Jar…it’s by my bedside table and the last part of my routine at night and is most def my go to once the temps start to dip!  Needless to say, the whole Chappo Crew are fans!

Alright, gang, here’s to hoping y’all had a wonderful weekend!!  The bunnies and I dipped down to Lexington for my baby shower and I simply cannot say enough thanks to my nearest and dearest friends.  What a way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Pip!!  Y’all are my absolute faves and I love you dearly….can’t wait to share some shots from our special day!  Cheers to your week, kiddies, make it a great one!

This school kiss post was sponsored by Carmex, but true to form, the opinions expressed herein are all mine (and the bunnies’).  

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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