The Beehive and Barre

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It seemed only natural to host my first Bumble BFF event at my fave workout joint where I’ve met a gaggle of my best gals.  But let’s not kid ourselves, it ain’t the easiest gig trying to meet genuine women with common interests–takes time, energy, putting yourself out there just to name a few.  I know first hand because when I moved to both Lexington and Indy I knew NOT A SOUL (aside from my significant other).  Zilch souls.  Like not even a friend of a friend’s second cousin.  This girl’s girl would’ve given my right arm for the Bumble BFF app when I moved to both locations.   It’s truly such a wonderful and seamless way to engage with women who have common interests including–MEETING NEW FRIENDS!   I won’t fool ya, gang, meeting friends aside, I was stoked to get in on the swiping action, too, because clearly I’m not your ideal candidate for the Bumble Dating App.  But taken gals rejoice, we can now join in on the swiping fun, too!  Sidenote, I had the pleasure of meeting the Bumble Team in Dallas this past spring and can I just say—Girl. Friggin’. Bosses.  I was so very impressed with their (FEMALE) team, the way they truly are looking to empower us gals and let us take control of our relationships…they’re witty, smart, forward thinking, and honestly, just a super cool bunch of cats.  Needless to say, I was over the moon when I had the opportunity to share the Bumble (aka Beehive) Love.

But let’s briefly chat up the event shall we?  Adorable swag aside (how ’bout this Bumble Onesie), the energy at Pure Barre Carmel was lively indeed.  Well, except for my hind sucking wind basically the entire class…but man it’s good for that #mombod.  You had a room of old friends and new (Hi Jess!)…all looking to get in a healthy sweat sesh with our fave instructor (whom I met many moons ago at our Pure Barre studio in Lexington) Becky.  The vibe was fantastic and I had several (new) friends approach me saying they were thrilled to find out about Bumble BFF as they were relatively new to the area–doesn’t get better than that, gang!  I highly encourage you to download the APP…it’s beyond easy breezy and F U N!  I have no doubts you’ll be quite impressed by all the amazing gals in your neck of the woods!  Oh and lastly, for my fellow bumpers…I’ve proclaimed my love of these Leggings forever now and man are they coming in handy with this ever growing belly….getcha some whether you’re expecting or not….they’re T H A T fab!    A H U G E thanks to all the lovely ladies that came out to last week’s event…what a treat it was!  Y’all have a wonderful day…make it a great one!

This post was sponsored by Bumble but you’d best believe these opinions are all my own!

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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