The Baby Bump Update: 32 weeks

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Alright, gang, we’re getting down to the wire(ish) with T minus 8 weeks and 6 days to be exact so I thought it fitting to do a little Baby Bump Update #bumpdate.  I initially had no intentions of snagging maternity pics because hells bells–I’ve got months of pregnant archives if I ever felt nostalgic.  However, being that it’s Johnny’s first bambino, can’t blame the guy for wanting to capture his little boy in the belly….and per usual, I love what Kristin Tatem whipped up….I didn’t want anything ethereal or what have you because that’s just not my schtick…natural and easy breezy is more my speed and she delivered indeed!

But let’s chat emotions on this baby bump update, plans of attacks, recent baby and postpartum purchases shall we?  I have to say–I feel pretty dang good all things considered.  Truly, I can’t complain about anything physically or emotionally….I’ve got a raging case of RLS at bedtime and it’s a wonder I haven’t wet the bed, but all in all–we’re on cruise control.  Now I’m no fool, this ain’t my first rodeo so I know these comfortable days are short numbered so you best believe mom is soaking it up! As far as the fam goes…well Roo asked the other night why my boobs are so droopy.  Chase is not over the moon about the fact that other people will see me in my bday suit come D-Day.  And Johnny affectionately calls me Big Mama…so there’s that.  In all seriousness, the whole crew is beyond excited which excites ME to no end.  Johnny’s love of the pregnant body is especially cute…it may be the physician in him, but he’s very mesmerized by the whole process and changes my body has undergone and talks to Pip nonstop in the belly–it’s just beyond precious.  I mentioned this in an Insta Story last week, but for shits and giggles, I’ll repeat myself.  I’m up 30 pounds already which is significantly more than what I weighed with the bunnies at this stage…but you know…I ain’t mad at it.  I’ve enjoyed A L L the eats.  Healthy, splurgy, down right gluttonous, I’ve had a hearty appetite and a healthy workout routine so I’m quite alright with where I’m at even though I’ll have to bust my hump a bit more than in pregnancies past.  I feel the nesting urges starting to kick in which will be welcomed indeed.  To that end, I’ve been asked a lot about the nursery.   Gang, we don’t have one.  Well we do, but it’s in the new house which won’t be move in ready until Christmas Time.  Needless to say, I’m not stressing AT ALL about having a room in our rental for this baby to sleep in because if he’s anything like the bunnies, he’ll be in our room for the first few months.

In regards to gear, I’m truly keeping it relatively minimal until we get into the house, because we simply don’t have the space.  I’ve got a few more big ticket items to snag, but for now, we’ve got what I’ve heard from numerous readers is a great place for Pip to Sleep.  The Nuna Travel System is race ready for him and I intend on snagging the bassinet as well.  I just received the Nuna Leaf Curv Swing and plan on getting the Mamaroo as well for downstairs.  Thanks to your suggestions, the jugs are ready thanks to the Medela Pump in Style and the Breast Friend.   I’m still in need of a monitor so suggestions are most definitely welcome.  I’ll probably snag a Boppy Lounger for old time’s sake (the bunnies both used) as well as a Dock a Tot because a slew of y’all swear by it.  Solly sent me some adorable wraps, so while I still have a ton of minor things to get…I’m not stressing about the big ticket items too much….that fun will begin once we get into the house!!!  Chatting up postpartum gear, I’ve just recently started stocking up.  We’ve got some PJs in tow, a nursing bra or two, and for the first time…I’m gonna give a waist cincher a go…I didn’t try with the gals but this one got rave reviews so I plan on giving it a whirl.

Alright, gang, per usual I’m always open to your suggestions if there’s any MUST HAVES you’d like to share.  Until then, we’re headed to have dinner with John’s grandmother as she just recently relocated to Indy.  Y’all have a great evening…make it a wonderful one!  Oh and a most special thank you to my gal, Sara Drury, for sprucing up my hair and mug…you never disappoint kiddo!


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  1. So happy to hear you’re doing great! I mean, we know you LOOK great, but you sounds so relaxed and happy too 😘 Take it easy as you get more uncomfortable near the end. What a terrific fall for you and the fam! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Awe thanks miss wendy!! I suppose that’s the silver lining to doing this baby thing later in life…a L O T more C H I L L! I’ll take it..and some relaxation for sure!! Hope you’re having a great week! xx–B

  2. I think everyone tapped the main points – I will add Nose Frieda – that thing is amazing!!

    Brava for getting down to your skivvies! I don’t think many women would be that comfortable – way to embrace the baby bod!

    1. Oh this is a goodin’ that I have yet to hear—appreciate the tip! Oh and thank you…I must’ve been suffering from a temporary bout of insanity!! But I sure do appreciate your kind words nonetheless! xx–b

  3. You look amazing mama! I’ve been following you for years and I’m due oct 2nd with my first baby girl. I have enjoyed being pregnant along with you. I also chose the Nuna Travel system. Can’t wait to use it!

    1. Thanks sweets..and CONGRATS!! Aren’t you excited it’s getting down to the wire?? Best of luck to you and your fam my dear! xx–b