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Today we’re gonna be chatting up more products that I’ve been using and loving as of late for my mug and bod.  You may recall my Safer Skincare Post a while back and today will be a little deeper dive on that exact topic!  Having used Beautycounter Products for the better part of this year, I feel pretty confident speaking to its efficacy.  So, it’s effective–clearly–or I wouldn’t continue to tout my love….but there are a few key products I simply cannot live without.  First up is this FACIAL OIL…man, y’all it’s just so dang good, dewy, moisturizing, fresh, and all of the above!  Second in line is the CLEANSING BALM–be it utilized as a cleanser or an overnight mask, this bad boy moisturizes to the hills and I just L O V E it.  Another top contender that I hadn’t used as of my last post is the COUNTERMATCH LOTION….gang, getcha this goodness before it sells out (like it did last time)….don’t believe my plea?  Read customers’ reviews and the proof is in the puddin’.  And admittedly I’m a weirdo when it comes to mascara as I don’t like the feel of it on my eyes–that is until now.  The Voluminzing Mascara is my jam…total Betty Boop lashes!  To that end, I had yet to really dig into Beautycounter’s Makeup…but dagnabbit, I took the plunge and ordered the FLAWLESS IN FIVE because it’s on SALE and because I’m all about that minimal fresh faced look—this looks like it gets the job done–and in no time flat!  I’ll def do a little Insta Story once it arrives!   Ok, I know I’m data dumping kiddos so I’ll wrap it up, but I need to plug one more item…the BABY OIL.  Admittedly this is for Pipster, but ‘ole mom has been rubbing it on her belly for the past month and me likee…ALOT!  Can’t wait to rub it all over that sweet baby skin!

And a little SHOE PSA….these flats are a really great staple at a nice little price point….as is this CARDI!  Good pieces for those cosy casual fall days!  Alright, gang, don’t hesitate to hit me up at [email protected] if you have any skincare questions!  Y’all have a great start to your Tuesday…make it a wonderful one!

One last tidbit–if any of you lovely ladies are fans of Beautycounter like myself and would like the opportunity to join my team and get SAFER PRODUCTS into the hands of those you love (it’s a casual slash fun crew– don’t fret), hit me up—would love to have you!!  I decided to become a consultant after falling in love with the products–seemed like a no brainer!

Photos courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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