The Shopbop Sale

All hail the Shopbop Sale!  Starting today us lucky ladies will receive up to 25% off our purchases with code EOTS17.  So my thought is this, I F there are items be them investment or what not that we’ve had our eyes on as of late, I think ’tis the perfect time to snag.  I’m looking to add some statement style DRESSES to my arsenal and I JUST snagged several PUFF JACKETS which happen to be my fave way to stay warm in the winter.  Other items I have in my arsenal that I D E F think are worth the jingle are STATEMENT BOOTS (these VERY rarely go on sale btw), DENIM (there is NO OTHER pair you need–my go to when not bumpin’–see cover image), these PANTS which I SWEAR by,  SNEAKS, and SWEATERS (just got this in black and ooooooo weeeee ’tis a cozy one).  Let’s be sure to pace ourselves while still taking advantage of the fab savings!  I’d love to hear what y’all snagged….comment below if you feel so inclined!  Cheers to your Wednesday, gang, make it a great one!

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