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Dress see SIMILAR // Coatigan // Bag // Sneaks c/o 8fifteen see SIMILAR // Shades // Ring // Lip


Cheers to the Weekend, Gang!  I wanted to chat up some of my fave weekender wear slash maternity slash postpartum wear as of late.  Don’t fret non bumpers, none of these threads are maternity but definitely could be if you so choose.  I’ve taken it upon myself to snag quite a few open cardigans, coatigans, etc as they prove to be great fall layering pieces and slenderize my ever growing silhouette.  They’re also great to cover up the milk jugs if you choose to nurse!  I’ve fallen majorly in L O V E with this LINE.  No joke, kids, it is T H E comfiest cotton I’ve ever worn.  No shame in my game as I’ve totally sported the JOGGERS out and about although I’m prettttttty sure they’re PJs #whatevs.  I’ve also snagged the ROBE for the hospital, BRALETTES for nursing, some SLEEP SHIRTS, and a few SWEATSHIRTS just for fun.

A few other random tidbits…SNEAKS.  I’m having a (more than usual) major moment with Sneaks and 8fifteen here in Indy is serving up the kicks collection.  I’ve got my eye on these BAD BOYS as well but I R E A L L Y need to put the kabash on my sneak obsession…ha–yea right!?!?  Also, I typically just stick with my neutral Pink Gloss but I’ve recently been sporting this Berry Lip and I’m loving it for sure (Milky Blueberry is the hue).

Alright, gang, Nestathon 2017 continues this weekend as I tackle my..da da dummmmmm— C L O S E T!!  Gotta get the summer stuff in storage and get realistic with what I’ll be wearing this fall/winter.  Also need to snag some final tidbits for the babe…baby tylenol, nail clippers, nip covers, you know the drill!  Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend…make it a great one and thank you for stopping by!


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