Newborn Story: Calvin’s Birthday

Video and Imagery Courtesy of Katie Destry

How does the saying go…..”If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”  Well, it seems that on October 14, 2017 both God and Calvin had a good chuckle!  Hang tight on this newborn story gang, she’ll be personal, emotional, and a touch lengthy but  I’ll wrap it up with some of my favorite shots from the day.

Y’all may recall my eagerness to have this little boy arrive on his due date as our family had something very special in store that we desperately wanted Pip to be a part of (more on this incredible day in a future post).   Y’all A L S O might recall my desire to tackle my delivery au natural.  As fabulous as everyone’s tips and tricks were and as MUCH as I tried (acupuncture, exercise, a romp in the hay #circusact, pumping the jugs, tea, tinctures, spicy food, walks)…Nothing and I mean N O T H I N G was getting this boy to budge.  And so after serious consideration and conversations with Johnny, my doctor, and my doula, we decided that we would schedule an induction on Saturday, October 14th EVEN THOUGH my desire was to forgo any pain medication.  I won’t lie, after all the audiobooks I listened to, this frightened me a touch–HELL a T O N.  “They” all say you should try your darnedest to not disrupt the natural flow of labor…that pitocin (a labor inducer) makes contractions MUCH MORE INTENSE (#truth) and makes you more susceptible to an epidural or C Section–two things I DID NOT WANT.  AT ALL.  But here’s the deal, just because I was being induced, I wouldn’t let that change my mindset for what I wanted our newborn story to be.  Calm.  Controlled.  Minimal Intervention.  Me driving the bus.  I was induced with the girls and had confidence my body would respond as positively as it had in the past.  I immediately got on the horn with friends I knew went naturally–by way of induction.  And thank GOD for them as they were the ones I had in my noggin when the going got tough come D-Day.  Their words of encouragement and strength kept my head in the game.

Saturday morning came with such excitement as myself, John, my mom (Nonnie), Chase, and Cam made our way to the hospital at 5am–laughing and cracking jokes as to the noises I would be making (the kids predicted a moaning cow).  We were finally going to meet this baby boy we’ve been so patiently waiting for!!!  So remember that aforementioned PLAN and newborn story I spoke of?  Well there were bets as to what time of day he would arrive and how it would be such a BREEZE based on how easily I labored the girls (granted I had assistance with an epidural).  “He’ll be here before lunch!”  “This is your third baby, your body knows what to do!”  “He’ll be 7 pounds!”  “You’ll go SO QUICKLY!”  Insert Hysterical Laughter Giph.  Other notable quotes from the day were courtesy of the bunnies.  Cam asked no less than ten times when my water would break.  Followed by, “Is Katie going to take pictures of your vagina?” And, “When will you start screaming?” Chase’s quote of the day was, “Do you think he’ll be here by noon so I can take a nap?”  #tweenlife They were so amazing….I had such a sense of comfort having them in the room as I was reminded of their birthdays and it calmed me immensely.

My mind was totally right, ready, and prepared to fully embrace whatever the day had in store for us.  The induction began around 8am and things were smooth sailing with slow but steady progression until around 6pm.  This came as a bit of a surprise as the girls had both already been born by this time and I was ON MY FEET pretty much all day in an effort to assist Pip’s journey.  I swayed, I walked, I figure 8’ed, I medicine balled…you name it…I was doing it.  My doctor, who is also John’s colleague, was not only phenomenal but so respectful of my desire to deliver this baby as naturally as possible.  John and I gave them the green light to crank up the pitocin drip and when they did…Y O W Z A.  I remember with the girls I made it until about 7cm and then it was “Check Please!”  This was different though…this was so dang intense and fast.  And this is where I relied on my crew to get me through what would be the most extreme part of our journey.  I legit went from 6-10 cm in 30 mins.  So needless to say he was coming with some extreme intensity!!  John and my mom were so wonderful (their faces in the video melt me)–tending to me just as your partners in crime should–there is NO way I could have done this without them–John’s presence was so calming and supportive and his excitement was just beyond precious.  The girls were still in the room at this point although when the doc examined me, Chaser exclaimed, “I’m outta here!”….Chaser and blood are No Bueno.  And Roo…well there’s a funny story behind her involvement with the delivery (see below image–spoiler alert:  She slept through the entire show).  Tamrha, my doula, was worth her weight in 14k GOLD…for realz.  I think the swiftness of the pain coming on so dang fast took me by surprise and it was Tamrha who constantly reassured me that this was Pip’s way of letting me know he was almost here.  Feeling like you’re gonna mess your pants?  Pip’s almost here!  Feeling like you want to throw in the towel?  He’s on his way!  Feeling like you don’t have much more to give?  You’re so close to the finish line!  She was incredible—so comforting, reassuring, and just downright awesome!

I knew his arrival was right around the corner based on the above as well as the hospital team getting the layette ready and my doctor being all scrubbed up.   She told John how to hold my leg…and explained how it was going to all shake out.  Basically…he was here and I shouldn’t have to push for that long.  And she was right, although son of a biscuit that ain’t child’s play….I remember the whole crew telling me to open my eyes so I could see his head and it was hands down one of the most incredible moments of my life.  I remember that so vividly.  I remember John’s sweet eyes and smile telling me he could see him and how perfect he was.  I remember my doctor holding my hand and telling me to give one more good push and he’d be here.  I remember my mom putting a cold cloth on my head and telling me she loved me.  I remember my doula reassuring me my pushes were goodins.  I remember reaching my hand behind my head to find Katie’s…..and I squeezed the bejesus out of it.  I remember the complete euphoria once he was placed on my chest.  I remember feeling more full in this precious moment looking at my husband hold our baby boy as our two beautiful daughters met their brother for the first time.  I remember pride that I had done what I set out to do.  I remember such a deep profound love.  I remember you, Calvin, my sweet baby boy….the love we have for you is immeasurable.  You’ve completed our world in ways I never thought possible.

To my dear friend and amazing photographer, Katie, what a gift you have given us with these beautiful images and video.  You’re a true talent and I cannot begin to thank you enough for these amazing pictures.  To the hospital staff at Hendricks, y’all were beyond superb from start to finish—what an amazing team of women!!  To my family…my cup runneth over–the love I have for you all runs so very deep.  Chaser, Roo, Nonnie, Big John, and Julie…thank you for being by our sides and we simply couldn’t love you  more–Chaser and Roo–I’m so so proud of you both–this baby boy is beyond lucky to have you two leading the sibling way!  To my doula, Tamrha–what a gift you have.  You were such a source of strength and support and my family is forever grateful to you!  To my seersucker readers, you all–thank you!!!  The well wishes, the support, the advice–it’s all appreciated more than I can properly express.  And last but most definitely not least, to my husband, if I could only freeze time on the moment you first saw our son—it is a memory that will forever be engrained in my mind.  I will always remember the look of joy in your eyes–it completely melts me and brings me to tears every time I picture it.  I will never forget what you said to me right after Calvin was born, “That was the most beautiful moment I have ever witnessed and I’m so proud of you.”  You are my rock, my soulmate, and my best friend, John.  Thank you for this incredible life.



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  1. Love the older moms! They are so cute.
    Love u wearing a sports bra…wish I would have done that! Looks so comfy!
    That was a big baby Beth! Good job!

  2. Ah-Mazing! I cried through the whole video – what a great idea. He is PERFECT and you are a rockstar! Enjoy every precious moment with this beautiful boy. Lots of love to you and your family from Denver! xxoo

  3. Congratulations Beth!! I am truly so happy for you and your family. Today is my daughter’s 6th birthday and this has me remembering her birth story!! It’s amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it! xo Sarah