A Surprise Shopbop Sale


Well this was a nice little surprise to spot while nursing at 3am this morning…gang, that sleep deprivation will getcha!! Anyhow, SHOPBOP is having a surprise sale with TONS of goodies at up to 40% off!  I think the best plan of attack for tackling this Shopbop Sale is to stock up on winter essentials (i.e.:  Denim, Jackets, and Sweaters).  Let us also not forget that holiday soirees are right around the corner, so no better time than the present Shopbop Sale to snag say a beautiful Jumpsuit or Dress….both perfect for a fab holiday occasion!  And lastly, and I’m more or less speaking on my own behalf, LEGGINGS…man, are they just what the doctor ordered for this postpartum bod right about now…these CAMOS are AH-MAZE…they’re going in the cart STAT.

Alright, gang, cheers to your Tuesday and more importantly THANK YOU!!  I just read the comments from Calvin’s Birth Story and wowza….talk about a supportive bunch!!  Y’all truly never seize to amaze me with the love and support you’ve shown our crew…a big ‘ole virtual hug to you guys….your sweet sentiments brightened my morning big time (so did this little bundle snoozing next to me)–so very special and appreciated more than you know.  Make it a wonderful one, gang!

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