The Shopbop Sale

If y’all could only see the current situation as I’m scrambling to get this post out…let’s just say I’ve got an adorable little critter on me snoozing but dangit all–this Shopbop SALE is TOO GOOD to not share S T A T!  We’re talking the Shopbop Buy More Save More…as in up to 30% OFF SALE!  Hot Damn did I stock up!  Selfishly, I more or less shopped for myself although I did snag this for my Mermaid Obsessed Roo!  I (randomly) broke this up into things I snagged for everyday (see Sneaks and well basically all of the above images #oops ), the Holiday Soirees (see clutch), and goodies for my future office which also doubles as great hostess slash gal pal gifts (see Coffee Table Book, Decanter).  Worth mentioning are the Stuart Weitzmans. I scored the black ones several weeks ago…NOT on sale…kids, if you’ve been eyeing these OTK’s…getcha some now!

As previously stated, the Holiday Soirees are right around the corner and these frocks and accessories are PERFECTION for the parties and part of this amazing Shopbop Sale.  I’m partial to a jumpsuit, but I definitely have my eye on this Floral Frock!

Lastly, this Shopbop Sale category serves as goodies for my future office.  But that’s not to say they wouldn’t make for the perfect little treat for that hostess in your life…or the gal who just loves fun girly treats #moi.  I snagged everything pictured here because at 30% off, it would just be criminal not to.

Alright, gang, happy shopping…this Shopbop Sale is the first of many fantastic sales coming our way so be sure to check back in throughout the week!  Y’all have a great start to your Tuesday…make it a great one!

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