The Olive Suede

Olive Suede Jacket // Sweater // Denim // Sneaks // Bag // Shades // Ring

Coming ‘atcha late Friday night as I can’t seem to fall asleep soooo…why not post up this cozy, casual look that would be perfect for your holiday weekend!  But before we dive into my love of this olive suede jacket, I wanted to briefly mention why I’ve been a tad MIA on s + s…..nothing earth shattering but truth be told, I’ve intentionally taken it easy since Calvin was born so I could soak up as much quality time with him as possible.  I’ve tried to stay relatively present over on Instagram, but admittedly, the content has been a touch light over here……rest assured, I have full intentions to get back into the swing of things after the new year–a little hiatus was definitely good for the soul!  I have some fun things cooking for 2018 so be sure to stay tuned!

Ok, onto the task at hand, this olive suede J A C K E T….no stranger to this STYLE, I couldn’t resist snagging it in this gorgeous Olive Hue.  Not to be outdone by the suede, these SNEAKS have proven to be a fantastic addition to the collection.  I was initially reluctant to pull the trigger on these sparklers, but I’ve ended up wearing them a T O N.  They add a great twist to your rigs!  Honorable mentions go to both this DENIM and SWEATER.  This DENIM is your tummy’s new BFF.  No joke, gang, it hides the little pooch should you have one.  I’m not typically a fan of high waisted..but these have converted me for sure!  And as far as SWEATERS go, this classic color combo is right up my alley….Navy and Stripes for the win!

Alright, gang, here’s to wishing you and yours a most wonderful Holiday.  It goes without saying, this year has been one for the books so you’d better believe I’m gonna count my blessings…and then count ’em again!  I truly hope your Christmas is filled with endless amounts of joy and quality time with those you love most!  Soak it up, gang….we most definitely will!  Merry Merry!

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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  1. Your baby is so cute! Adorable! I love your blog, everything about it. I also Love Love your hairstyle. It’s so cute! I brought it to my hairstylist to try to copy but its not as cute as yours.

    1. Awe Annalee…thank you so much–he’s such a joy!!! Head to my pinterest page as there’s a boatload of hair shots on there! Cheers to your 2018, sweets–I sure to appreciate you following along!! xx