The Sale Sweaters


Red Sweater ON SALE // Denim // Check Shirt Similar // Heels // Coat // Clutch // Earrings // Shades UNDER $10

Blue Sweater ON SALE // Scarf on SALE // Sneaks c/o 8fifteen Indy // Clutch // Shades Similar // Ring

Sharing two heavily repeated knits in today’s post which just so happen to be on M E G A sale!  We’re talking 50% off both my Blue and Red Sweaters…..and yes, a sweater is a sweater, but the LOFT sale sweaters selection seems to be serving it up majorly this season….so much so, I’ve more or less cleaned house and snagged quite a few (see Fairisle, Stripes, and Cream).  Another major SALE SCORE is my SUNGLASSES…we’re talking UNDER $10.  I’ve said it before, I’ve (kinda) given up purchasing higher end shades because I always tend to lose or scratch them….LOFT’S selection has come to be my fave for fun, affordable specs!

And while my Maternity Denim pictured here has been more than good to me both during and after my pregnancy, I’m THRILLED to report I’m hanging up these bad boys and can fit in REGULAR JEANS…granted, there’s a massive muffin top, but thanks to the BOOTCAMP program I’ve resumed….mama has shed a few and can once again sport non maternity jeans!  I can’t say enough positive things about this PROGRAM…feels REALLY great to be back in the saddle and getting my nutrition back on track (read–no more swedish fish, peanut butter out of the jar on the daily, multiple hot chocolates–the sweet tooth was legit)…..Amanda just announced the first Bootcamp of the New Year and I’m pretty confident slots will fill quickly as I’m sure peeps will be hopping on the resolution train–I promise you, gang, it will be the best present you can give YOURSELF!!  Gotta trust me on this one!   Alright, kids, I’ve got a few more minutes before this bundle wakes so I’m going to grab a quick bite and wrap a gift or two…I’m T R Y I N G my darnedest to get ahead of Santa….TBD.  Y’all have a wonderful rest of your day…make it a great one!


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