The 2017 Highlights Reel

So I think it’s pretty safe to say that 2017 will go down as one of my best years yet!  Not quite sure how 2018 can even begin to hold a candle to the birth of our sweet little bundle,  John adopting the bunnies, or mom and pip making the cover of Redbook!  It was a whirlwind of year but in the most beautiful way imaginable.  I found the holidays to be such a time of relaxation, reflection, and appreciation…..simply stated, I feel blessed beyond measure going into 2018.  It’s truly overwhelming when I try to put it into words…quite frankly, I’m not sure I eloquently can.  It’s just when I reflect back on the road we’ve traveled and to see it end up here, well, like I said, it’s overwhelming to say the least.  You may have noticed I kept the formalized posts a little light this past quarter…but I did so with intention as I wanted to soak up Calvin as much as possible.  And soaking that little squish up I did!  Man, you moms of boys weren’t lying when you said this Boy Mom thing is something else…’s this intangible that you can’t quite put your finger on, but goodness—it’s something fierce! Equally as fierce is witnessing the girls bond with their baby brother.  Heart. Melting.  They blow me away with their protective, maternal nature…and helpers–Lordy Be, I don’t know what I’d do without them–literally my extra sets of hands!  So I won’t dwell entirely too long on the amazing memories of 2017, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize the blessings it brought my way… for the books no doubt!  But let’s chat up 2018 shall we now?

Most important order of business–my hair.  Kidding, but dannnnnggg…homegirl was BLONDE last year…I kind of forgot until I took a trip down memory lane on our 2017 highlights… should I go back?  Y’all never steer me wrong….I trimmed it up a smidge today and I’m thinking I’ll lighten it up a touch on my next trip.  But onto the actual business of 2018—goals, plan of attack, changes to come, and the MVPs of 2017….Let’s hit it….

First and foremost, you can expect a more robust posting schedule.  I kept it light like I said, but we’re gonna kick it up a notch with M O R E content in 2018.  I’m talking, per your request, FOOD, FAMILY, FITNESS, HOME…and of course, FASHION…..that will always be the foundation because it’s why we all stumbled upon s + s in the first place!  But as I was reflecting and taking it easy over the holiday…it occurred to me how much this site has evolved….or rather, how much my life has evolved.  It only seems natural that the content over here does a little evolution of its own as well.  What do you think?  Y’all still gonna pop in from time to time if I toss in a little of this and that?  I sure hope so!  Fingers crossed we will be in our new casa next month which will undoubtedly get my creative juices flowing more so than they already are…..You’ll also notice a little site revamp to accommodate these changes.  Expect to see some fun updates in the upcoming months!  I’m truly excited about sharing M O R E of my day to day with y’all….fashion is my love language don’t get me wrong, but it’s feeling a little one dimensional to me these days so I say we sprinkle in a little variety!  Such a cliché question, but are there certain areas of interest y’all would like me to focus on?  Clearly s + s ain’t s + s without y’all so I’d love to hear any feedback you have for me!

Onto goals.  I’ve got a couple up my sleeve that I’d like to put in writing..helps homegal stay accountable.  First and foremost, with the new addition to the fam, I’ve GOT TO create boundaries for my work life balance.  I’ve struggled with this every year as blogging isn’t something you (typically) turn off like you would with a 9-5 gig.  And quite frankly, I’m not sure I have a clear plan of attack Y E T, but I’ve enlisted the help of our fabulous sitter, Mallory,  to come to the house several days a week so I can truly treat my work like a 9-5 and then TURN OFF at the end of the day.  This is the G O A L ….there will be some tweaking I’m sure, and planning ahead will be essential, but I feel it’s critical in an effort to stay present with my family and still feel accomplished with my job.  I would love to know how y’all maintain that work life balance…please do share if you’ve found the secret sauce!  Next…oh dear Lord…the dreaded word…..B U D G E T.  This is John’s fave word.  This is not my favorite word.  However, I’m going to learn to make it my favorite word…hopefully.  John, my beloved Type A husband, says the irony of his life is that he married a finance major….to which I reply, “Yes, I know very well how to put my funds to good use.”  Good being the operative slash relative word.  But with the new house right around the corner, and another critter to send to college, it’s high time I stick to the budget we’ve implemented for our household once and for all.  What’s funny is I KNOW this is a hot topic amongst many couples because my gal pals and I have this convo….welllllll basically once a week.  And my final Goal for 2018 is to spend individualized time with each family member.  One on one.  It’s the girl’s favorite thing to do…and it’s something they really look forward to.  It’s something I really look forward to.  And we all could use a little more of it.  I’m talking dates with each of my kids and my husband….easier said than done, am I right?  Like a doctor’s appointment, photo shoot, or school activity…I’m going to schedule individual dates with the girls, the babe, and the beau….because if it ain’t in the family calendar, it ain’t happening!  So there you have it…Balance. Budget. Babes & Beau.  Seems pretty darn attainable to me.

Now onto the 2017 highlights.  We’re talking the items y’all loved as much as I did.  So without further ado, here are our TOP 10 FAVES 2017 highlights:

  1. The Black Bow Jumpsuit.  Worn for my first night out on the town post Calvin, this beauty is one you can wear event after event.
  2. Pointelle Open Cardigan.  Currently sold out for obvious reasons….this beauty is the perfect substitute.
  3. The Perfect Tunic.  Such a steal.  Such a staple.  No wonder she’s a top 3.
  4. The. Best. Jeans.  That’s all.
  5. The Perfect Sweater.  Cheery and Bright—it’s a fabulous knit for the cooler months.
  6. The. Best. Pants.  No really.  The ABSOLUTE best.
  7. Easy Circle Cardigan.  It’s obvious we love ourselves some loungewear.
  8. The Bootcamp.  Tons of s + s readers hopped on the Bootcamp Bandwagon and had phenomenal success!  What are you waiting for?  The January 15th round is open for registration!!
  9. Suede Moto Jacket.  Similar to the beanie, my love for this jacket was such that I own the grey and olive, too!
  10. Cigar Band Ring.  Year after Year, my everyday ring always makes the top 10!

With all the above being said, 2017 wouldn’t have been the phenomenal year it was without your continued support, gang!  Year after year, y’all continue to inspire, motivate, and support both myself and the blog and my gratitude is at an all time high!  Thank you.  Sincerely.  Cheers to your 2018…Let’s make it an absolutely Stellar one!


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  1. Love your blog and instagram! Your journey has been so inspiring. I’d love to see more posts of your new house and fun things you do in the Zionsville/Indy area. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Susan!! Thank you so very much doll!! Yes…I def intend to share more personal day to day goodness once we are settled in the new crib!! I appreciate you sharing your feedback dear…cheers to your 2018! xx

  2. Yes-I love your ideas of food/recipes, exercise and home decorating to your blog. I can’t wait to see your decorating ideas for your new home. Love the green cabinets and how you mix it up. I’m trying the bootcamp, but honestly I’m still trying to figure out Macros, food, fasting and exercise. How do you keep it all together with your busy schedule. Here’s to a great 2018!

    1. Hi Maureen!!! Thank you so very much for the feedback!! Oh the green cabinets are such a fave component of the new casa…hopefully it will motivate me to stay on top of my laundry ; ) Be patient with the bootcamp process…there’s a learning curve, but you’ll get the hang of it!

      Cheers to your 2018!


  3. Loved looking over your past year. I have followed you through thick and thin and couldn’t be happier for you. About your hair. You look the absolute BEST when your hair is very blonde and very short. It makes you look younger, frames your face beautifully and brightens up your skin. Who needs micro needling?
    Trust me. I’m a hairdresser. I know about this one.

    1. Well Patricia this is about the best feedback one could hope for!!! Bright blonde it is….I def agree with you that my face just needs short….no doubt about it!! Thank you so much for following along and your sweet sentiments….love my gals that have stuck with me through all of the mayhem ; )


  4. Beth, you continue to be my favorite blogger! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2018. I obviously LOVE the fashion but would love to see more beauty, food and fitness too!! I also loved the you tube videos you did awhile back, hope to see more of those! Thanks for all you do! Sarah

    1. Oh Sarah!! Thank you so much dear—I so appreciate your sweet feedback and taking the time to follow along—truly!! Check, check, check…I plan to share all of the above!


  5. Hi Beth…I am a long time follower of your blog. I am a former Hoosier transplanted to Canada! I loved it when you moved to Indy and like to guess where your photo shoots are! I would like to see more content on your new home and various locations in and around Indy. I am so happy to see what a marvellous year you have had. The happiness exudes from you and you can see it in every single photo. Looking forward to seeing what you do this year!

    1. Awe Sally–my fellow Hoosier!!! Yes, I def intend to share much more of our home once we move in!! I sure do appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and following along! Cheers to a marvelous 2018! xx–Beth

  6. Obviously, I would love to see a home tour once everything is complete. I love your stories and how you cover a little or everything (motherhood, fitness, cooking/diet, beauty, fashion ). Be yourself. You’re the nice, cool girl that everyone wants to be around.

    1. Awe Rebecca thanks a million, sweets!! You betcha…I def intend to share all of the above!! I appreciate your feedback and following along for the ride! Cheers to your 2018! xx–Beth

  7. Love your family! I think your adoption post just tugged at my heart so much as my dad(step dad initially) adopted me over 40 years ago… we lost him to cancer serlvetal years ago….special men are so rare! Hugs. Now to go wipe my eyes as I cried typing this!
    Ps can’t wait for house posts! And jeans!

    1. Awe Kristine…how special. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad….yes, special men are so very rare and it sounds like we both lucked out!!! Thank you so much for your sweet sentiments—cheers to an amazing 2018! xx

  8. I love you how mix styles and patterns! Your sneaker outfits are my favs. Congrats on your precious baby and your sweet family!