FASTer Way to Fat Loss: The Postpartum Fitness

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Coming to you live 12 weeks postpartum on the tail end of my first (post Calvin) round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.  So here’s the deal, gang, mama packed on a solid 40 plus pounds and man did I love every peanut butter, swedish fish, joella’s fried chicken infused moment of it.  Until I didn’t.  Until I had to wear my maternity jeans nonstop.  My plan all along was to enjoy all the eats, as I knew this was probably my last pregnancy, but I also had every intention of diving right into theFASTer Way to Fat Loss BOOTCAMP as soon as the good doctor gave me the clear to start my postpartum fitness race.  And at the 6 week postpartum mark, I was race ready…….

So I’m gonna bring this postpartum fitness back to the basics for those of you that may be new to s + s in an effort to better explain all that is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. This ain’t my first rodeo with the FWTFL (see my first round RESULTS), but I have to say this has definitely been the most rewarding to see what the female body is capable of….especially given the amount of nonsense said female body consumed for 40 weeks.  Gang.  It wasn’t right.   Ridiculous consumption aside, let’s chat up why this particular program has become a L I F E S T Y L E for me……It’s pretty simple, actually.

Number 1–It Works.  It works better than ANY other program I’ve ever done.

Number 2–It’s Flexible.

Number 3–It Educates.  I now know the P R O P E R way to fuel my body.  When to load up on carbs and when to scale back.  I know how to properly nourish the bod.

So what is the Faster Way to Fat Loss?  Created by Amanda Tress, the FWTFL is a 6 week online fitness program designed to teach our bodies how to become efficient Fat Burners…the right way.  For the long haul.  Macro management, Intermittent Fasting (don’t freak..I love it), and workouts designed to complement our daily nutrition all join forces to serve up what I believe to be one of the best programs on the market…no joke, gang.  Now I’m not the expert like Amanda, but I’m going to share what this program has done for me both physically and emotionally.  Let’s start with the obvious, I’ve leaned my waistline significantly and lost inches around my hips, midsection, and thighs (see before and after below).  Now I still have more to go before I’ve got my pre Calvin body back, aka lift my arse so it’s not sagging down to my knees, but I’ve made great strides this first 6 weeks…which leads me to my next point.  This program ain’t about PERFECTION….it’s about PROGRESS.  Had an off day on this postpartum fitness journey?  No biggie…you get right back on the wagon the next day.  This is where the Flexibility comes into play.  No matter if you have kids, a demanding job, a rigorous school schedule, an injury, a night shift, no gym, no cooking doesn’t matter.  You CAN make it work.  It allows you to tailor and/or modify the program to fit YOUR LIFESTYLE.  Probably one of my fave aspects of the program, aside from the increased energy and skin improvement, is the online community of likeminded women, all ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle cheering each other on and serving as great accountability partners.  Our coaches are ridiculously resourceful, motivating, and educational.  Gang, I could legit chat up this program for days….it’s been a game changer not only for myself but HUNDREDS….of s + s readers.  Seeing women from all walks of life, all shapes, sizes, ages have success has been almost more rewarding than fitting into my pre baby denim…almost (insert winky eye emoji).  Let’s answer some quick and dirty FAQ’s below:

  1. Do you need to belong to a gym?  NO.  There are workouts for home, gym, and beginners. 
  2. Do you fast every day?  YES.  We intermittent fast meaning we consume all of our calories within an 8 hr period.  Typically from noon to 8pm.
  3. Can you drink coffee while fasted?  YES.  Black coffee, teas, water, or your BCAAs can all be consumed while FASTING.  
  4. How many days a week do you workout?  FIVE.  The workouts are a mixture of weight training, HIIT, Sprints, and Low Intensity.  They range from 30-60 mins.
  5. Is there a meal plan?  Not per se.  There’s example meal plans and a cookbook available for purchase but you’re able to eat the foods you like as long as they fit within your macros.
  6. How do you calculate your macros (combo of Protein, Carbs, Fats)?  We utilize the My Fitness Pal’s more or less our bible while boot camping…it maps everything out for us!  
  7. Do you eat Carbs?  HELLS TO THE YES!  You’ll be amazed just how many we eat.  We have two low carb days but other than that…it’s game on.  Good carbs; however, not junk!
  8. Can you drink on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss?  YES.  In moderation of course.  Leg day is the best day to splurge, but as long as it fits within your macros, you can allow for a glass of wine now and again!  I do!
  9. Can you breastfeed?  YES.  I am exclusively and not one problem with my supply.  Some women have an increase because of the GOOD eats we’re consuming!
  10. Can you bootcamp if you haven’t worked out in ages?  Are injured (bad knee, etc)?  YES.  Amanda will take this into consideration and provide modifications–there’s also a beginner workout avail.  
  11. Can you post your recipes?  I WILL KIDS I promise!!  For now, follow along insta stories but rest assured, once we’re in the new crib, it will be my first order of business.  My damn kitchen now is a nightmare (read:  small, boxes everywhere b/c of the move, etc)…..

So why now?  Why join on JANUARY 15th?  Gang, WHY NOT?  You have to have faith in me, friends, I’m not shelling out fluff on this….it is a journey you most definitely will not regret!  Hit me up with an email seersuckerandsaddles(at)gmail(dot)com with any questions….spots are limited and prep week starts MONDAY!  Join me on my postpartum fitness journey if you’re ready to feel you’re absolute best mind and body!  Make it a great one, gang!

Photos courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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  1. You’ve convinced me. I’m nervous but excited to give this program a whirl. I had my son (first baby) in September and have my ten year college reunion in June. Plenty of motivation to make a change and your story put me over the edge. Thank you!

    1. Atta gal, Lauren!! I have a sneaking suspicion you WON”T be disappointed!! Good for you, sweets!! You’ll be a knockout at the reunion ; )


  2. Did you notice any change in your breast milk supply when you started this? I’m worried the fasting will drop my supply. My babe is 2 months so I still have a while to go with BFing:)

  3. BETH!!!!
    Love your posts! They make me smile. And Baby Calvin and the girls are ADORBS!! Quick question. I’m in my early 40s trying to look my best naked. I’m also intermittent fasting. Do you know if it’s good to workout while fasting or after your first meal??

    Thank you and you are an inspiration!

    1. Hi Tiffany!!

      Awe thank you so much dear….so I typically workout fasted…it’s when your glycogen stores are at their lowest so you’re more likely to burn fat….best of luck, doll!