The Friday Favorites

Something I’d like to do each week is share items I’ve either snagged (and love) or have my eye on….whether it be “The Friday Favorites,” “The Monday Musts,” or “The Wednesday Wish,” this will be a no muss no fuss series, but one worth sneaking a peek.  And with that, let’s jump right into The Friday’s Favorites…..

  1. The SOFTEST Hoodie.   At 40% off, this hoodie is beyond soft and perfect for that athleisure feel.  I loved it so much, I ordered TWO.
  2. High Waist Skinny Denim.  Given their $88 price point, I’m pretty certain we should all own this pair of jeans–mine arrived yesterday and I can’t W A I T to wear on the regular.
  3. The B E S T blemish treatment.  Zit on Wednesday.  Gone on Thursday.
  4. Tarte Shape Tape.  I have yet to use, but based on EVERYONE ranting and raving over this concealer, sucker should be on my doorstep next Tuesday.
  5. Striped Bell Sleeves.  What’s not to love about this feminine blouse?  Icing on the cake–she’s 40% off!
  6. The Staple Bodysuit.  I shared this number on yesterday’s Instagram Stories and a T O N of y’all took notice…it’s that good, gang…I promise (I have the MEDIUM)!
  7. Eye Gel Patches.  Yet another beauty buy that I have yet to try but goodness, I felt outta the loop because so many peeps swear by these guys.  Not a fan of FOMO, I went ahead and ordered today.
  8. Gel Exfoliant.  See #7.
  9. Pink Sneaks.  No description necessary.  I think the angels sang when I opened the box yesterday.
  10. A Classic Cardi.  Wearing this bad boy as I type…equal parts cozy and affordable!

Alright, gang, hope you found some treasures within this Friday Favorites list…cheers to your weekend…we’ve got mega snow here in Indy so it’s Lazy Bones Central for the Chappo’s.  Make it a great one!

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  1. I am super intrigued by those pink Golden Goose sneakers. It’s a bright color…..can you show how you plan to style them?