Calvin’s Four Months

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Happy  FOUR MONTHS to our big boy!  I’m not going to dwell (read: SOB like a baby) on the fact that time has truly flown by and I wish it would come to a screeching halt, but rather focus on all of this sweet boy’s fun facts, milestones, and how he truly has brightened our family in ways we could’ve never imagined.  Simply Stated…this baby boy is a dream.

So now onto some Calvin 411….we will chat up his sleeping status, fave toys, gear, an eczema update, best threads…the usual suspects.  But first, if you follow along on Instagram, then you know he’s a pretty darn happy chap!!  Smiling, giggling, squealing…it just never gets old.  People often ask if the kid ever cries…um, yes!  You’ll see him throw major ‘tude when changing his diaper or the Starbucks Line.  Yep…the irony of this is not lost on me that one of my fave daily stops…he hates.  If the car ain’t in motion, he ain’t having it!  His sisters TRULY light up his life.  We’ve decided Campbell entertains him the most (she gets good belly laughs and squeals out of him), and Chase is the mini mom and is so wonderful at nurturing him–did you ever see this video of her SINGING TO HIM?  He adores being in Dad’s nook…nothing melts my heart more than the mornings when I run the girls to school and Calvin and John snuggle in bed…it’s the good stuff.  And as far as that mother/son love…well it’s something fierce let me tell ya—because only a son could love his mother’s moronic voices and made up songs!  Needless to say, this baby has no shortage of love.  Many moms have asked me how it’s been having such a huge age gap.  What’s funny is that this used to scare the bejesus out of me…the thought of going back to the baby world after being on cruise control with the girls for so long….well let me just say with zero reservations, it’s M A G I C.  The age gap is where it’s at, gang.  It’s truly hard to put into words, but witnessing your older children love their little baby unconditionally…’s something else indeed.   Love fest aside, let’s chat updates:


Per my previous Sleep Training Post, you know that Calvin aka Bookie (he has no less than 5 nicknames) has been sleeping through the night since he was 6 weeks.  We are currently in nap training and focusing on getting two 2 HOUR naps instead of several hour long naps throughout the day.  Our Sleep Trainer, Ashley, has shared some amazing tips to get the ball rolling with this as well.  Basically we are shifting our 3 hour schedule to one that is 4 hours long….keeping him awake longer, letting his sleep longer, and feeding him MORE with each feeding.  I truly think his cheery disposition is a direct correlation to his sleep schedule.


I’m thrilled to report we have completely nipped it in the bud.  He has two little patches on his scalp, but compared to where we were a month or so ago, I consider us 100% in the clear.  I tried IT ALL.  I mean ALL.  I minimized baths.  Constantly loaded him down with various (natural) creams.  Utilized a humidifier.  Kept him indoors as much as possible.  Minimized my dairy and wheat intake.  And N O T H I N G was sticking.  So per the recommendation of several moms here in town, we visited our pediatric dermatologist, Dr. Turchan.  Not only does she have impeccable bedside manor, her treatment approach was very methodical and precise.  And yes, it did require a topical cetaphil/steroid combo for a short period of time…but it worked.  Like IMMEDIATELY.  If you’re local, I highly recommend Dr. Turchan.


 I love that we’ve hit the stage where he’s engaged with several different gadgets.  It’s all about the G R I P with Calvin…if he can get his mits around it, he’s happy.  He currently grabs my neck, knuckles, the girl’s hair, and Johnny’s beard ; )…he also is OBSESSED with this grippy Ball (we bought two), this Teether, these Chew Beads, and this plush Wormy….this is a Kelly Grandchild Tradition as my mom has been buying these for each of her grandchildren since my niece was born in ’98…all 5 grandkids L O V E it because it’s the perfect width for a good baby grip!  Another thing he’s just recently fell head over heels for is Sesame Street #ElmoFanatic and YouTube videos of Baby Einstein…something his sisters were equally obsessed with.  We typically one episode in the morning while the kids are getting ready for school!


 Ok, so this is the tried and true goodness now that we’ve test driven these goodies for the past four months.  First up, and needs to be a M U S T on every mother of an infant check list….this BABY SEAT…so lightweight, portable, and his fave right outta the gate.  This ACTIVITY SAUCER…I still have to rig it a big so he sits fully upright, but he could care less because this is one of his favorite places to be!  The BUMBO…it’s great way to make him feel like he’s a part of the crew when we are eating dinner be it at home (I’ll plop him on the table always ATTENDED) or at a restaurant–it also assists with sitting up!  The Boppy Lounger…we’ve used this since birth to sleep and now he lounges in it if one of the kids or dad gives him a bottle…it’s plush and has the perfect incline!  This activity mat is fantastic…great for tummy time and free play.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how much we are STILL LOVING his Nuna Carseat and Stroller….hasn’t disappointed at ALL!!  You’ll just want to get a cup holder for the stroller.


  So Calvin is a drool mongrel and has been known to give a solid spit up after a feeding so Bibs are a M U S T…..these Copper Pearls are not only soft and absorbent but SO. CUTE.  My fave onesies/footies are from Kickee Pants, Nordstrom Baby, and Roman + Leo.  I also love Old Navy for easy breezy (affordable) threads…I just bought him This and This for our trip to Florida.


I’ve received a ton of questions regarding my supply while doing the FasterWay to Fatloss.  The answer to the most commonly asked question is, “No, I have zero issues with my supply while boot camping (ps–next round starts FEB 26th).”  Reason being, I’m consuming the same amount of calories as I usually do, just in a shorter time frame (from noon to 8pm vs 7am-whenever I used to stop eating).  Also, I drink a T O N of water….a ton!!  Now, with that being said, I JUST stopped exclusively breastfeeding so it’s not as big of a concern currently…he’s breastfed in the morning and at night and supplemented in the afternoon…we love these BOTTLES.

Well I’d say that about sums it up for this big boy’s four months!  If you find these updates helpful, please do comment and let me know and we can continue to do them every few months.  A huge thank you to the ever so sweet LOVE y’all send Calvin…your messages make me smile so very much…I love how y’all love have embraced him from afar—such a lucky little critter!  Make it a great one, gang!

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    1. Hi There, Erin! Up until 4 mos, he’s been on a 3 month schedule of Eat-Play-Sleep….say he wakes at 7, I feed him immediately, let him play for about an hour, and then he sleeps until 10…he’s either woken up at that point or wakes himself…..I’d def recommend reading baby wise…it’s the schedule they recommend!