FASTer Way to Fat Loss – The Fitness Journey Update

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Nothing like a fresh start to the week to get you moving and shaking!  I’m coming to you this Tuesday with a little fitness journey update regarding the Bootcamp I’ve been doing since I was 6 weeks postpartum (for your reference, images above are 15 weeks postpartum).  It’s been a wonderful experience thus far and I’ve been so pleased with the results not only from a physical standpoint, but so much more (read: increased energy levels, better sleep, improved skin, and gut health).  And it sounds like, y’all have too!  I’ve received COUNTLESS messages from fellow s + s’ers sharing your success stories and it truly couldn’t be more inspiring–so thank you to y’all!  The next round starts FEBRUARY 26th (Prep Week)….and with SPRING BREAK about 6 weeks away, seems like the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon!

If you’re new here, let me share THIS POST which details the Bootcamp and BEFORE and AFTERS from my first fitness journey round.  And just to refresh your memory, Mama put on a solid 42lbs while pregnant with Calvin, which means I definitely had my work cut out for me!  I knew based on the success from my VERY FIRST ROUND back in 2016, that the FASTer Way to Fat Loss was what would get my butt in gear….literally.  So let’s chat current stats.  I’m pretty darn stoked to report that I’m back to my pre baby weight…well almost…last I checked I had 5lbs to go but that was several weeks ago so fingers crossed I’m there.  N O W with that being said, I’ve got to T O N E more….definitely want to continue to tighten ‘er up and gain more lean muscle!  But when you’re in the thick of newborn/infantness, and you’re ready to feel like you’re old self again, it’s the little things in life like fitting into your old JEANS that puts some pep in your step!  I’m unclear as to the inches I’ve lost but I know there’s a deficit and as for the pounds (which Amanda says doesn’t matter, but…old habits die hard), I’ve shed 20 since starting TEN WEEKS ago with a FASTer Way to Fat Loss.

And now for my motivational spiel……Gang, we all have travel, tight schedules, kids, vacations lined up, injuries, less than stellar fitness levels, etc that may mentally prevent us from taking the plunge.  Please don’t let it.  There is no better time than N O W to get a grip on your physical and emotional health and there is no better PROGRAM to help you achieve your goals…’s liberating, eye opening, and just makes you feel so damn good from the inside out once you commit to become a better version of what we’re currently working with.   What has truly motivated me this round aside from my family and being my healthiest version for them is…..Y O U!  No fluff, y’all have shared your stories, successes, how us all cooking together has been such a positive not only for you but your families…it’s been nothing short of amazing!  Thank YOU for continuing to push me and I feel it’s only fitting that I give you a little nudge as well.  What are you waiting for?  No time like the present, gang!

Thanks for stopping by today….I truly hope you have a wonderful day and appreciate y’all so very much!  Make it a great one!

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  1. You gained 72 lbs with Calvin??? That must be a typo. U did not look like u had that much gain weight. You look terrific now. That is a great testament to the program. I live in Canada…can I do the program from here?

    1. Sally!!!! I gained 42lbs which put me at 172…whoops!!! I caught that after I published and edited…thanks for the head’s up! Thank you so much for your kind words…absolutely you can do the program…it’s online so you can do anywhere! xx–b