The Casual Weekend Outfit


sweatshirt // denim // sneaks // shades // ring

In the event you’ve been wondering why the hell I haven’t posted in a while, welllllll….that would be because I L O S T my computer.  Yep.  Lost it.  Just poof…vanished into thin air…or chillin’ in the back seat of my loaner car while my car was being serviced.  This is not surprising to myself or my family as I’ve been a certifiable space cadet as of late…I think Mom Brain is a legitimate thing, and I most definitely have a severe case of it.  Needless to say, we got mom a new computer situation so thank heavens, I’m back in business!  With that in mind, Saturday is always my fave day to shop some fab sales so let’s chat ’em up, shall we?

Nordstrom is serving up a fantastic winter sale with up to 40% off!!  These Jeans are a ridiculously good find at $47, this Cardi is an über cozy stable, and these cut out booties would be adorable with dresses as we transition into spring!

One of my faves, LOFT, is also having a 40% off sitewide S A L E.  No better time to snag adorable staples like this STRIPE SWEATER, RUFFLE BLOUSE, and these make me want to get a second hole in my ears!

Load up on fantastic basics at Old Navy with at least 20% off!  I love this distressed Denim Jacket, this Striped Cardigan is one I’ve worn a ton, and this adorable GINGHAM DRESS is only $20!

I’d say that should hold us over ’til next time!!  Cheers to your weekend, gang, make it a great one!

Photos Courtesy of Meagan Gilbert

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