The Closet Reveal

Gingham Top // Chandelier // Denim // Earrings // Heels // Carpet // Clear Storage Bins (not pictured) // Lucite Pulls sourced from Chateau Kitchen

Ask our builders, Christopher Scott Homes, when my eyes would light up most during our house meetings and they would all chime in unison….THE  CLOSET IDEAS !!!  Of course I cared about every aspect of our home, but surely you aren’t shocked that a style blogger would be just giddy beyond measure at the thought of custom built closet ideas?  You know what I love most about this space….Johnny designed it.  I mean no one fit the bill better considering he lived with me and my wardrobe for over two years….a wardrobe that kicked him out of our closet and into Roo’s, a wardrobe that made him park his car outside of the garage so I could house my rolling racks…..the kid is a saint I tell ya!  So with tons of inspo pics provided by yours truly, an inventory of my current situation, and a high school drafting class under his belt, he went to town and created my dream space!  And I simply couldn’t love it more…….

So what does one do when they have an overwhelming amount of clothing (and shoes) that not only need to be purged, but impeccably organized?  Simple.  You call Maria from The Baer Minimalist.  We had the opportunity to meet up several months prior to us moving in and I just adored Maria right out of the gate.  An infectious smile (and laugh), cheery beyond measure, sweet as can be, and….ORGANIZED… doubt she was the gal for the job!  Funny thing is I used to do what she did when I lived in Lexington but I knew better than to tackle this job on my own.  I needed someone with fresh eyes and objective….and man did Maria deliver!  So with a shit ton of Costco felt hangers in tow ($7/35 hangers), she got down to business.  I can’t give away all her trade secrets but I will say she is really damn fantastic at what she does.  What I approached as a very overwhelming situation, she had a plan upon arrival, executed it…and with a little champs, a lot of laughs, and creativity…Maria elevated an already beautiful closet situation.  And I cannot thank her enough.  Actually I can, and will, on Thursday when she comes to tackle our kitchen slash pantry.

UPDATED:  A H U G E congrats to Cecelia Steidinger…you won the CLOSET REFRESH with Maria!!!  An enormous thank you to all who participated!!!  Want to get in on a piece of The Baer Minimalist pie?  I’m super stoked to share a special giveaway Maria and I have rolled up our sleeves……Maria is GIVING AWAY a FOUR HOUR CLOSET REFRESH ORGANIZING SESSION to a local INDY GAL (must live within 30 miles of ZIONSVILLE).  Entry Rules are simple and listed below:



Easy Breezy, Gang….thank you so much for stopping by–I hope y’all enjoyed the first of several little home posts!!  And a very special thanks to both  Rusted Window for these stunning florals (cutest shop in Carmel, too) and Shelly Ruth for snapping the ‘ole closet ideas…you did a superb job my friend!

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  1. Love the idea for ‘storing’ hats as an art statement….and so handy to grab one. Thanks for introducing us to Maria, I’ve subscribed to her newsletter!