Beauty and the Lindsay Cowles Bathroom

Lindsay Cowles Bathroom Details:

Top // Denim // Sink // Mirror // Faucet // Wallpaper // Sconce

Coming to you this Mother’s Day with a little two-for-one post.  First things first, I hope everyone had a most wonderful day with family and loved ones!!  We indeed did…it was very low key which is exactly my speed…tons of quality time with the critters and mom didn’t really have to lift a finger #praisehands #perfectmomsday #johnnyisdoingdishesasItype.

But let’s hop into the star of this post…..this Lindsay Cowles wall covering.  Damnit if I now don’t want to wallpaper my entire house!  I knew V E R Y early on I wanted a splash of Lindsay Cowles’ abstract goodness in our home and this powder room was just craving some pizazz.  Mission Accomplished.  I truly cannot express how show-stopping the wall covering,  Rejuvation Sink & Fixtures, and all the Lindsay Cowles’ goodies are….I’m thinking pillows are next on my wishlist!

Not to be outdone by the impeccable wallpaper,  my latest finds and favorites from Beautycounter warrant a little discussion.  Now y’all know if you’ve been hanging around for any length of time, you may recall my love of Beautycounter started when I was pregnant with Calvin.  Looking for a safer alternative for myself and Pip, I had heard rave reviews about Beautycounter and thought there was no better time to give it a whirl.  Fast forward a year later and my love for the product line has grown exponentially, as well as my Beautycounter arsenal.

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest makeup buff.  Not because I don’t love makeup, I’m just not a pro when it comes to application.  Which is why the FLAWLESS IN FIVE has become my number 1 draft pick in the makeup arena.  Six products, five mins application, what in the heck is not to love?  I’m sporting the FLAWLESS IN FIVE lineup in these pics (except I’m cheating on BC with this lipgloss #oldhabitsdiehard)….IMO, it’s one of the best concealers, mascaras, and foundations I’ve tried thus far!  Other MVPs include the Countermatch Collection.  It along with the FACE OIL would be some of my top recommendations if you’re a first timer.  And lastly, while not pictured, given the time of year I felt it worth mentioning….trust me when I say, this SUNSCREEN is top notch.  We used it while in Florida on ALL OF US (baby included) and I cannot recommend it enough.  Gang, Beautycounter is the safest line I’ve used to date…B U T it’s also effective.  A skincare/makeup/sunscreen WIN/WIN.  Boom.

Here’s to wishing y’all a great start to your week…make it a great one!

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth




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