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My Home Chef Review

Convenience.  No Stress. Tasty.  Affordable.  Quick.  All words that describe any and every meal I make.  Because if it’s going to take me a boatload of time, have 126 ingredients, and not please the family’s palettes…..we ain’t feasting on it!  Enter Home Chef.  A meal kit delivery company that brings you familiar meals with a twist, Home Chef was a no brainer for the Chappo Crew.  And while I do love my own personal rendition of Shrimp and Cauliflower Rice slash Grits, nothing can compare to the real deal.  And let’s just say Home Chef’s version of Shrimp and Grits was a slam dunk.  I mean, even Calvin devoured the grits!  No really, the kid had about 3 servings!

Y’all know that I pride myself on making quick and easy eats so it’s super important that what I cook fits that criteria.  Not only is Home Chef terribly convenient and tasty, there’s a few other points worth mentioning:

The price per serving is more affordable than competitors.

There’s low cal, vegetarian, dietary restriction options available (Case in point, Chaser has a nut allergy so that was very important for us).

All recipes are great, tried and true….but with a fun twist…..like a killer French onion sauce for these grits!

The ingredients are pre-portioned and give you exactly what you need.  No measuring, etc which we all know gives me the willies ; )

No worries about binding contracts….you can skip and tailor your schedule with Home Chef to fit your crew’s needs.

With my Home Chef review, I’m super excited to share a discount code for your first Home Chef order…use code BETH30 for $30 off your first box!!

Next on the docket for us is a spinach chicken dish for low carb and I’m chomping at the bit to cook.  Literally.  If you’re one of those that ain’t into getting all creative in the kitchen and need to take the guess work out of cooking….Home Chef is for you, gang!!

PS:  How cute is my sous chef?  That.  Dang.  Fuzz.

PPS:  Home Chef  Meals are also on the My Fitness Pal App if you track your macros!  #Bonus

This post was sponsored by Home Chef.  Per usual, all opinions expressed herein are my very own!

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